Yearly Planning for Your Wellness Business {s04e06} 

Wellpreneur: 2019 Planning

As a tradition around this time of the year for the past couple of seasons I’ve been doing a special episode on annual business planning. And I’m so excited that we’re doing this episode right today, when it’s also a launch week for The Wellpreneur Planner! It’s the new companion planner that I’ve made for The Wellpreneur Book, that takes you step by step in planning an incredible year for your wellness business. And one of the reasons I started working on this project was because planning episodes so far have always resonated with you and been super helpful, and another that when most of you finish reading my book, you are ready to go a step further and make deeper plans, which is exactly what this planner is meant for. And the idea that this should be a physical format product is so that you could take it with you wherever, not having to be stuck at the screen while doing your most creative work. And because this is something that I practice in my own business, today I’ll be sharing with you some advice on how to successfully plan your business year, but moreover starting this week I’ll be taking you through one of the steps from the Planner each Tuesday for the next few weeks in our Facebook community, so all of you can follow along and start making your big plan! Now let’s dig into mapping out an incredible year for your business!

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