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In today’s episode, Amanda explores the idea of alignment and shares the simple, yet powerful steps to start feeling more aligned with your life and work, right away! Particularly, you will learn what alignment means for Amanda, is it possible to grow your business unaligned, why iteration is crucial to successfully build your brand, why alignment is a variable, how to determine if you are aligned, and if not, how to get that balance back.

Besides, Amanda has a simple inquiry for you and your feedback will tremendously help her in shaping the future of Wellpreneur! Therefore, tune in and find out how you can help. Much appreciated!

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – What can you make in your life and business if you are in alignment?
  • 01:05 – A question that Amanda has it for you, her podcast audience
  • 03:21 – Amanda’s definition of alignment and what does it mean for you?
  • 06:12 – What if you can grow your business unaligned
  • 07:12 – How iteration helps to develop your brand
  • 08:18 – Why alignment is a variable, especially at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey
  • 10:46 – Why you should do it, anyway
  • 11:22 – How to determine if you are aligned
  • 14:56 – How to start moving back into alignment
  • 16:40 – Value exercise and how to practice it
  • 18:42 – Other tools that can be helpful to get aligned
  • 20:20 – Challenge that Amanda has it for you!
  • 23:25 – Tell us how the challenge went in our Wellprener Community FB group!

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