Can You Really Make Money as a Health Coach? 

Are you a health coach, or thinking about becoming one – and you’ve wondered, “Is this for real? Can I really make money as a health coach?”

The answer is a resounding YES. Yes, you absolutely can support yourself and a family as a health coach.

But do most people who complete health coach training actually go on to make money? Unfortunately, no.

So how can you be one of the successful and profitable health coaches who actually makes it? Read on. You might be surprised.

Making Money as a Health Coach Comes Down to Clients

Being in business means that people give you money to deliver a product or service. Obvious, right? Otherwise, you’ve just got an expensive hobby!

So, as a health coach, you’re only successful if you have people paying you to coach them. (Or to deliver your knowledge + expertise in other ways, as we’ll discuss below…) But it all comes down to money.

Unless you are independently wealthy or have a partner to support you, the coaches who are successfully coaching the longest are the ones who are most successful at getting clients regularly.

The good news is, there are LOTS of ways to get health coaching clients. You can play to your strengths. You don’t have to do public speaking or cold calling if you don’t want to. But if you want to make it as a health coach, you have to commit to learning the business side of coaching – and trying lots of ways to get new clients until you find one that works for you.

Most new health coaches won’t do this work because it’s uncomfortable (you’re learning something new!), so they don’t get many clients, and they aren’t able to continue coaching.

More Training Doesn’t Get You More Health Coaching Clients

can you really make money as a health coach?

Many new health coaches who struggle to make any money quickly turn to one possible solution: more training!

I hate to break it to you, but more health training as a health coach is rarely the answer to having a successful health coaching practice.

The reason you’re not successful in your health coaching business is usually the business side, not the nutrition side.

Yes, you can absolutely improve your coaching skills and nutrition knowledge to get better results for your clients. But are more clients going to come to you because now you have extra health coach certification? Nope.

Now, more business and marketing training can and does help you get more clients. (In fact, I wrote an entire book about using online marketing to find health coaching clients).

You Will Get Health Coaching Clients through Good Results and also Marketing.

So, what separates the most successful health coaches from those who struggle? The ability to get clients. Developing a steady stream of new clients comes through two avenues: referrals and marketing.

Getting great results for your clients and asking them to refer you is an excellent way to build a stream of new clients.

Also, the most successful health coaches partner with other practitioners who can refer clients to them as well.

But the most successful health coaches also dedicate regular time each week to marketing their business.

You need both great client results AND consistent marketing to really make it as a health coach.

Most Successful Health Coaches Have Multiple Income Streams

Here’s something many new coaches don’t consider - you don’t need to get all of your income from health coaching.

Many health coaches do 1:1 health coaching but also run group coaching programs, corporate wellness programs or online programs. They might also sell e-Books or video training programs. They might sell supplements, essential oils or herbs. They might offer wellbeing retreats or intensives or even do some consulting — more on this below.

Making money aside from health coaching doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a health coach – it means you’re being smart and diversifying your income.

Listen to this interview with Andrea Beaman, where we discuss diversifying your income as a health coach in-depth.

Get Advice and Tips from Successful Health Coaches

Finally, don’t feel like you have to figure it all out on your own!

Many wellpreneurs have thrived (and failed!) at health coaching – and you can learn from their experience to shortcut your own journey to success.

Start with these four interviews with Real Health Coaches who share their experience and advice on how to really earn a living as a health coach:

Making Money as a Health Coach

Below you will find a few more summarized points on how you can begin making money as a health coach. With these points and the helpful advice above, you should have no problem getting your new career in the health and wellness industry going.

Group Coaching

You can do group coaching packages either in person or online; whatever is going to be the most convenient. The more people you can help, the more fulfilled you will be, and the more money you can make as a health coach. People in your group can also refer your health coaching programs to others so you can further build your client list.

Post Coach Monthly Support

Even after the training and coaching program has ended, clients may need some additional support and guidance. For this reason, implementing a post coach monthly support program may be beneficial. This kind of support system can cost a fixed amount each month, and they will gain access to you to answer their questions via email. It is another way to help your clients while also creating another way of making additional money as a health coach.

Contracted Hours at a Wellness Center

Another way to start making more money as a health coach is by visiting local wellness centers that are looking to hire health coaches. You can be a health coach for your own business and work at the wellness center a couple of days a week offering group sessions, one on one appointments, and motivational talks. This may also be a great way to continue to build up your client list, as well.


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Offer Online Courses

Online courses are usually going to cost more and are longer in duration. They are a great way for health coaches to offer a packaged coaching program for clients that they can purchase and then work through on their own time without having to adhere to a 6-month timeline in person, for example.

Write a Book or eBook

While this is definitely easier said than done, writing an eBook or book is another great way to make money as a health coach. It is also a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and show that you are an expert in your industry while sharing a coaching program for your clients.

eBooks are an easier way to accomplish this because they don't need to be published. They can be downloaded immediately from your website once it is purchased, so you won't have to spend money and resources you have on printing or shipping. So, you will be able to maximize your profits and gain more income this way.

Ads on Your Website

This definitely shouldn't be considered a significant source of income for your health coaching program, but it is still something to consider, nonetheless. If you are a health and wellness coach who maintains a blog on your website and you have a good amount of visitors to your site each day, then placing ads on your website may prove to be beneficial and can earn you a little extra income in the meantime.

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