Create Your 2020 {Part 1}: Goals & Intentions 

Welcome to Create your 2020 4-part series with Amanda Cook! This is the content that our host is creating for Alchemy & Action members and she decided to share it with you! Amanda will take you on a sonic journey where you will learn how to set goals and vision for the upcoming year, how to embody your intentions through a ritual, how to break it down from goals to more concrete plans, and finally what work you should do during winter that will move you closer to your goals. 

Specifically, in Part 1, you will learn why autumn and spring are the best periods of the year to plan, why you have to tie your goals with emotions and how you can do that in practice, as well as what you should ask your future self. As a bonus, Amanda shares alternative ways to plan your 2020 in case you are more comfortable with other approaches. Tune in and find out more!

Here’s what you will hear in this part:

  • 0:32 – Welcome to the special 4-part series on planning an amazing 2020!
  • 1:13 – In a nutshell, what you can expect from the series
  • 2:03 – How you can get a workbook that is accompanied with the series
  • 2:26 – Why autumn and spring are the best times to plan your next 12 months
  • 4:00 – Why you have to tie your goals with feelings and
  • 5:03 – How to do it in practice (i.e. It’s time for an exercise!)
  • 9:10 – What you should ask your future self
  • 12:03 – The task you should do after the exercise
  • 12:26 – Alternative ways to set your goals for the next year
  • 14:57 – If you enjoy this style of planning, join us at Alchemy & Action membership community

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