{e12} Exponential growth using Google+ with Angela Manzanares 

You’ve heard a lot about marketing your business through Facebook, twitter and Pinterest… but what about Google+?

This week’s guest has had massive growth using Google+ and Google Hangouts to connect with new customers – and in this episode she shares exactly how she uses these platforms to expand her reach! In less than one year, Angela’s company Fitlosophy has gained over 147,000 fans through Google+ alone!

Angela Manzanares is the founder of Fitlosophy, a company that inspires people to live a healthy lifestyle with fitness products, including the best-selling Fitbook. Fitlosophy now has international distribution, including in Target stores nation-wide in the US.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Angela used Google Hangouts to grow her business exponentially
  • Why Google+ content is great for boosting search engine rankings
  • Why Google+ is the best way to engage and communicate with fans
  • Her 2 biggest tips for exponential growth
  • How to promote your Hangout and bring in attendees
  • How Google Hangouts are a better, easier alternative to easier to webinars
  • Tips for making your first Hangout a success
  • How to partner with industry experts and build solid relationships

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