{e55} 4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Online Program and my B-School Review! 

If you listen to this podcast, chances are, you love learning about ways to grow your business. So you’ve probably found at least one or two online programs or courses that look totally amazing – but how do you know if it’s really the right next step for you? Will that training program help, or is it just a distraction from your business?

This week I’ll share my 4 questions you must ask before choosing an online program.  I’ve looked at a lot of online programs (and taken quite a few) – and here’s how I make the decision now on which programs to take.

Then, I’ll share my honest review of one popular online business training program: Marie Forleo’s B-School.  In my B-School Review I’ll tell you about my experience with the program, and specifically my thoughts on whether B-School is useful for wellness entrepreneurs.  I’ll also discuss who B-School is definitely NOT right for.  So if you’re a health coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, herbalist or other wellness entrepreneur, and you’re considering B-School this year, don’t miss my review!

Note: I am an affiliate for B-School this year because I’ve personally taken and believe in the program.  That means if you make a purchase through my B-School link, I may receive compensation, but it doesn’t change the price to you.  Thank you for supporting the Wellpreneur Podcast!

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