Top 10 Health Coach Software Tools 

If you’re a health coach who wants to grow your practice online, you don’t need to get stuck in a world of spreadsheets and emails! There are software products specifically designed to support health coaches in growing your business.

Before choosing a software tool to support your health coaching business, you’ll want to get really clear on WHY you want to use the tool. Do you need help with booking appointments? Tracking client contracts?

Checking in with your clients and tracking their progress? Assigning action items and getting feedback? Be clear on the areas where you specifically want support and automation for your coaching, so you can assess which coaching tools are the best for your business!

1. Satori

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WELLPRENEUR RECOMMENDS! Built to support coaches (not just wellness professionals), Satori is a beautiful and robust system to automate and streamline the entire coaching process.

From helping you take bookings and digitally sign client contracts, to delivering your coaching program online, and collecting client reviews and testimonials, Satori works throughout the entire coaching lifecycle. The best part is having everything in one place for each client! Satori is a good choice if you want your complete client lifestyle managed in one place.

2. Nudge Coach

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WELLPRENEUR RECOMMENDS! Nudge Coach is a coaching platform designed to enable you to deliver personalized coaching at scale. By “nudging” your clients with little reminders and check-ins, it keeps them on-track towards their goals and gives you feedback and insight between sessions.

Nudge allows you to schedule your check-ins in advance, so you always know your clients are cared for, without having to keep lists or separate schedules. Nudge Coach is a good choice if you’re most concerned with staying in touch with your clients and getting feedback on their process, in one centralized location.


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3. CoachAccountable

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CoachAccountable lets you create group and individual coaching programs, complete with action items, automatic reminders, and status updates. From motivational interviewing to retaining quality clients, you will find that this software and the available coaching tools are a big help for any coaching program. It only takes about ten minutes to set up the basics of this health coaching software, and you can be digital health coaching on your website in as little as three minutes.

4. Moxiee

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Moxiee gives coaches a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track their leads and opportunities, as well as manage their existing clients. It includes a client-side mobile app for your clients to track their results, and also a private messaging system to keep in touch with your clients between sessions.

5. Ascend by LoseIt

ascend by loseIt screenshot

Acend is a complementary product for the popular weight loss app Lose It! Not only do you gain access to your client’s metrics and progress on weight loss and activity, but you also have a private messaging ability to communicate between sessions and give them the encouragement they need to reach their goals.

6. Healthie

healthie screenshot

Healthie is a management platform for wellness professionals offering everything you need for a successful coaching business. It was specifically designed with health coaches in mind. It is beneficial for maintaining client records, scheduling appointments, handling billing and your calendar, and meeting with clients.


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7. Meal Garden

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Meal Garden is another software tool designed for health coaches who sell meal plans and nutrition programs. You will find thousands of recipes, you can add your own recipes, and you can adjust meal and health plans according to the needs of each specific client you are coaching. You will also find grocery list templates and more so that your clients are informed and know exactly what they need to purchase at the store to stay on track.

8. MBody360

mbody360 screenshot

With software by MBody360, you can create your own health plan for your health coaching programs and then have it directly delivered to your client. Having this level of personalization allows you to create stronger relationships with your clients. It also allows you to monitor and track different metrics to make sure everything is on track.

9. NutriAdmin

nutriadmin screenshot

NutriAdmin health coaching software provides you with essential tools and resources to grow your health coaching business. You will find meal plans, billing, reports, questionnaires, and so many more helpful and convenient features. It is the ideal software for a health coach who is looking for a bit more organization. It is best for health coaches that already have an established practice and are already coaching clients.

10. Shore's Coaching Software

shores coaching software screenshot

If customer and coaching management aren't your best skills and you are finding it difficult to handle appointments and other coaching business that needs to be done, then Shore's Coaching Software is what you need to get that upper hand. It provides you with an online calendar that allows for automatic synchronization so you can keep all of your online bookings, appointments, and customer information organized and easy to access.

The Benefit of Software for a Health Coaching Business

Two of the more important aspects of any health coaching business are client management and meal planning. These two aspects of your business will also most likely take up the most time and the most resources to accomplish. That is where this software comes in and makes things easier.

The software we have listed above can help you streamline everything from creating your meal plans to managing your clients and appointments. You will be able to keep up with the increasing demand for health coaches while staying up to date and organized and miles from the competition.

One last tip: don't forget that platforms such as Teachable allow you to create and host videos without having to pay a fancy recording studios or developers.

Do you use health coach software to manage and grow your business? What’s your favorite app? Let us know in the comments!

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