How to Get Health Coaching Clients: 56 Actionable Tips 

You became a health coach because you love health + wellness… and now you want to help other people experience the same amazing transformation, right?

So why does it feel so hard to get people to sign up for your programs?!

It’s frustrating to scramble every month to find clients. It can feel like you spend all your time marketing and selling your health and wellness business, rather than doing the health coaching work you love. It makes you wonder how to get health coaching clients for your growing business?!

First, know that you’re not alone. Although you might think you need more health coaching skills (or other natural health training) to boost your business, the reality is that if you’re not filling your practice, you need sales and marketing help.

You might get some wellness marketing training, or work with a coach who specializes in the wellness industry or form a mastermind of other health coaches to provide peer support and accountability.

You’ve come to the right place. Here are 56 ideas for how to get more health coaching clients, starting today. And I’ve also linked out to relevant episodes of the wellpreneur podcast for additional training in that area.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Choose one of these ideas that feels right for you, and let’s get started finding health coaching clients!


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56 Ideas for Getting Health Coaching Clients Today

  1. Go Offline – I’m a huge fan of online wellness businesses, but if you need clients quickly, the fastest way to get new clients is in-person. You can quickly build credibility and connection with someone in person. So, if you’re sitting behind your computer and running out of funds, I hate to say it, but you need to get out and meet people ASAP. Find a networking event or meetup, run your own event, call people in your network and ask for referrals, speak to a doctor or complementary practitioner in your area – just get out and start talking about what you do!
  2. Make an Offer. When was the last time you sent an offer to your email list? Here’s a fantastic episode on shifting your mindset around sales.
  3. Make a Different Free Offer. Are you always offering the same old ‘strategy session’? Change it up! Try something new. Speaking of Strategy Sessions…
  4. Ditch the ‘Free Session’ and re-position it with a tangible outcome. What will your prospect learn during the session? Could it be a ‘weight loss breakthrough’ session? Or a “stress-free strategy” session? Rename the session to hit on their biggest benefit, and then give tangible outcomes of what they’re going to experience during the session.
  5. Run a workshop. 
  6. Niche down even further
  7. Create an offer around one specific benefit
  8. Contact all of your previous clients to check-in and offer a free 15 min call to see where they are, and if they could use further support
  9. Contact all of your previous potential-client inquiries for a 15 min call to see where they are, and if they could use further support
  10. Reach out to your existing contact database for referrals. This episode dives deep into using referrals to build your health coaching business.
  11. Contact a doctor or complementary practitioner for referrals. Here’s how one new health coach got referrals from doctors.
  12. What OTHER service providers do your potential clients see? Hairdressers? Yoga Teachers? Personal Trainers? Prepare some cards and give them to these providers to make it easy to refer to you.
  13. Pick up a part-time job where you can meet lots of new people and talk with them about their health. For example, you might work in a health food shop, at a spa or wellness center, or even a driving service like Uber!
  14. Join online forums or Facebook groups around your specific niche and offer helpful advice to build a reputation there. Feel hesitant about ‘putting yourself out there’? Listen to this!
  15. Put your cards in a local coffee shop, farmers market or health food shop or wellness clinic (often these will have bulletin boards)
  16. Give a talk at a local health food shop or grocery store or wellness center.
  17. Speak to other attendees at your gym or yoga classes about what you do.
  18. Raise your rates! If services are too cheap, people often question whether they’re really any good…
  19. Talk about what you do with confidence, and regularly. You don’t need to be super salesy, but don’t be shy about talking about your work!
  20. Get interviewed on a podcast in your niche (this is really easy to do, as podcasts are always looking for guests!)
  21. Go to a tradeshow or event related to your niche as an attendee and meet the other business owners and attendees.
  22. Bundle your services with another professional who has a complementary offering.
  23. Write an article for a magazine in your niche
  24. Write a guest post for a blog in your niche (need help on guest posting? Here’s my best advice).
  25. Surround yourself with other successful health coaches. 
  26. Focus on the solutions you can provide, the problems you can solve. (Don’t focus on you and what you do!) Focus more on the health coaching program you are providing.
  27. Niche down even further! (Yes, this one is worth repeating). This will help set you apart from the competition and will add even more value to your expertise. Focus on a particular niche and make the benefits clear to your clients.
  28. Get testimonials from previous clients and feature them on your website.
  29. Write a case study about one of your previous client successes, and share it with your email subscribers as an example of what they could achieve in their lives too.
  30. Make at least one offer every day.
  31. Join a Mastermind Group with 3-4 other business owners. Do you see other practitioners as competition or collaboration opportunities?
  32. Ask yourself: What would be the EASIEST and FUN way to get clients?
  33. Offer a referral fee to complementary practitioners who refer you to a successful client.
  34. Start a Meetup.com group for people in your niche.
  35. Leave your business cards in books about your niche in your local library.
  36. Offer to do a workshop or talk at a club or group where your target customer hangs out. Here’s a deep dive interview about how this coach used public speaking to find clients for health coaching.
  37. Talk to people. Everywhere. In line, in waiting rooms, at restaurants. Just be friendly and curious, ask about their lives, tell them what you do. This is a good way to advertise yourself as a health and wellness coach.
  38. Set yourself a challenge, like “Make 30 Offers in 10 days” or “Do 10 free calls this month” or “Talk to 15 new people this week”.
  39. Record yourself doing your ‘elevator pitch’ or a free session with a client. Then listen. Would you hire yourself? If not, try again and keep improving!
  40. Diversify your income – why do you only need to do 1:1 coaching? What else could you sell? Here are some ideas.
  41. Run a group coaching course (online or in-person) around one specific outcome.
  42. Create an online program around one specific outcome.
  43. Run an online workshop or online coaching program around one specific outcome. To create even more awareness about your business in the community, you can rent out a space and teach a class that corresponds nicely to your branding.
  44. Host a free “Challenge” for potential clients to get a little taste of what you do (here’s a great example of how an Acupuncturist ran an online challenge).
  45. Put yourself on a site like Coach.me or Clarity.fm to offer options for people to find your work.
  46. Update your LinkedIn profile to clearly state your niche and the value you provide.
  47. Join LinkedIn groups for people in your specific niche.
  48. Niche down even further! Get really specific about the transformations you provide. What problems do you solve? What results do you deliver? Talk about those, not that you’re a “health coach”.
  49. Create valuable free content for your ideal client – this might be a blog, podcast, or videos. Create this content regularly and share it widely on social media.
  50. Be honest – how many new people are you meeting each week? How many sales conversations are you having? How many offers are you making?
  51. Go to events, workshops, conferences, expos where your ideal customer might go.
  52. Make it easy for clients to hire you – do you have clear packages on your website? Is it easy to contact you? To pay you?
  53. Put your phone number on your website and business cards. Make it easy to contact you.
  54. Join a business referral network like Business Networking International (BNI)
  55. Ask 5 people in your target market to tell you about their biggest frustration with their health right now – and just listen. Can you echo this language back in your marketing and sales materials?
  56. Get more specific on your niche and exactly which problems you can help your ideal clients solve!

There are endless ways to get find more clients for health coaching. Once you have a prospective client interested in your services, here's why you should use a discovery session in your sales process.

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