Step 4: Create More Freedom & Space in Your Life & Business {s08e06} 

In today’s episode, Amanda is talking about time management! More specifically, about the ways of improving our day to day schedule in order to achieve freedom and create space. Isn’t it amazing how some people seem to have time for everything? They manage to maintain a social life, to deal with business agendas daily, and to stay focused on their goal. Tune in and find out how to take things off your plate, how to pinpoint tasks and roles that are essential to your personal and business life, and how to incorporate rituals and responsibilities into a new working routine.

Furthermore, you will find out how you can download Amanda’s special 5-steps roadmap that will guide you on your path of becoming a thriving wellpreneur!

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:13 – Quick overview of the previous steps 
  • 03:36 – It is up to us to create our freedom and claim our space
  • 04:06 – Core approach, a simple 3-word process for effective time management
  • 05:33 – How to make a list of all the roles that you play in life and business
  • 07:24 – There is a lot of support on how to automate your business in Alchemy & Action community and how to join it
  • 08:04 – What kind of tasks we should outsource
  • 09:08 – The importance of putting boundaries around your work time
  • 10:13 – What are the other strategies that Amanda recommends
  • 11:37 – Amanda encourages everyone to start experimenting with these tactics even this week
  • 13:46 – What can you expect to learn from the next episode
  • 14:10 – Join our Facebook Community Group!

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