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This episode is inspired by listener questions that came through our FB Wellpreneur Community group. A lot of wellpreneurs wonder what’s it like to work while traveling. In this episode, I’m sharing my own experience with how to structure your business so you can travel more.  Whether you want to travel long term or become location-independent, or just need a vacation from seeing your clients, this episode will give you some helpful tips.  After years of experience of working on the go and relocating I’ll share my personal travel gear and how my list of essentials has changed over time. Many of you have also asked what it looks like to travel with a partner and this is something I’m always excited to share as I was lucky to find my husband who enjoys traveling as much as I do. We’ll talk about keep up a morning routine when you’re on the move and so much more! And I’d love to hear more of your questions and continue the conversation in our Facebook Community so join us there after listening!

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