What I Learned About Wellness in China, Mongolia and Russia {s03e01} 

Welcome to the brand new season of The Wellpreneur Podcast! I’m so excited to be back and talk about Business, Marketing, and Life in the Wellness Industry. If you are starting or growing a wellness business you are in for a treat because we’re talking about how to get started, what actions to take, what’s working today, but also about our lives as entrepreneurs and how can we keep ourselves healthy and well while we’re running these businesses so we don’t burnout.

Today I’m sharing with you all about wellness around the world after exploring many countries in Asia and Europe, and how wellness means different things to different people. From what is considered a healthy diet in certain culture over the places where herbal medicine stores are just as common as any other shop I’ll take you through some of my discoveries and findings that would be interesting to you as a health coach and wellness practitioner, but we’re also going to talk business. Touching on some trends in the industry and whether to jump in on them or avoid them, what’s working now in wellness marketing, and one of the most common questions I hear – how to take time off from your business, we’re covering it all today + so much more!

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