The old model of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur doesn’t work anymore.

Hustle, scale, work harder than everyone else, optimize your personal performance, schedule your day down to 15-minute increments. Run webinars! No, wait, start a YouTube channel. No, Podcasting is where it’s at today. And have you written your book yet?

It almost makes you want to get a J-O-B!

The thing is, for many of us, the end goal isn’t to grow a huge business and sell it (although if you want to do that, that’s cool too!)

Wellpreneurs start businesses to do meaningful work, thrive financially, live their ideal lifestyle and make a positive impact in the world.

Being a wellpreneur is a long term play. It’s doing the work you’re meant to do.

It’s not urgent, exponential growth with a multi-million dollar exit.

Hustling and working harder than everyone else doesn’t fit this model, because it isn’t sustainable.

There is a better way.

The Wellpreneur Way helps you grow your business while becoming deeply well as an entrepreneur.

And by “deeply well”, I don’t mean just eating your vegetables and drinking 8 glasses of water (although I’m a big fan of being hydrated!)

True wellness is about more than what you eat, your physical fitness or a number on the scale.

When you are deeply well as an entrepreneur, you see through the noise and conflicting advice, because you’ve got an inner guide. You weave life and work in a way that works for you. You play to your strengths. Invite collaboration. Feel connected to your inner wisdom, creativity, community, place, the seasons, your senses, your ancestors.

Wellpreneurs are creative, curious change-makers who like practical action with a sprinkling of magic.

If this sounds like you, welcome, you’re in the right place.

About Our Founder, Amanda Cook

I’m a wellpreneur. I’m also a health coach, alchemist, and total marketing geek.

Since founding Wellpreneur in 2012, I’ve helped thousands of health coaches, nutritional therapists, yoga teachers, and other holistic practitioners grow their wellness businesses using online marketing.

I’m the author of the bestselling book Wellpreneur, its companion, The Wellpreneur Plannerand my marketing training program Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp.

I also host The Wellpreneur Podcast, where I’ve interviewed over 150 successful entrepreneurs including Jonathan GoodmanLeonie DawsonMark SissonSean CroxtonDenise Duffield-ThomasNisha MoodleyJJ Virgin and more.

Learn more about me here.

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