So you want to start a wellness business?

It seems like such a natural fit - after all, you’re passionate about health and wellness, you’ve gotten the necessary certifications and trainings, and you’re ready to see clients. So where are they?

The thing is - starting a wellness business isn’t just about wellness. It’s also about business, sales and marketing - and that’s the stuff they don’t teach you in school! How do you find clients? How can you market and promote your business in a way that feels good to you - and reaches the right people? And how can you do it all yourself when you’re just starting out?

That’s where Wellpreneur comes in.

Since 2012, we’ve specialized in helping wellness entrepreneurs to start & grow their businesses using online marketing. We know what’s important (and what’s just a distraction) - and most of all, we know how you can start and grow your business, without burning yourself out! 

Wellpreneur is a Podcast and a Facebook community and has online courses, free tools and a useful blog posts on all things marketing and wellness business focused -  for you and your growing business.

About Team Wellpreneur

Amanda Cook, Founder

Amanda founded Wellpreneur in 2012 to help health coaches and other wellness practitioners grow their business online.

She’s the author of the bestselling book Wellpreneur, its companion, The Wellpreneur Planner

Learn more about her here.

Charlie Edge, Growth & Marketing

Charlie joined Wellpreneur in 2020 having worked in big marketing agencies for the past 13 years. A marketing geek who loves making things simple for our community, Charlie runs our Fast Track programme and our community and loves making marketing simple and accessible for all our new and growing businesses.

Tamara Luzajic, Content & Community

Tamara is our Content Writer and Social Media Specialist and a huge fan of everything related to health and wellness. She is a pro at making sure our course materials, our social content and our blog features are right for our audience.

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