Real Wellpreneur: Susi Hately {e202} 


This week we’re back with another installment in Real Wellpreneur series, I’m speaking with Susi Hately, yoga teacher and therapist with background in Kinesiology with a focus on Exercise Physiology, who trains teachers and health professionals on how to approach healing.  We talked about burnout, how she developed her business, and also how her business has changed since having twins, (and how she manages to get it all done working 6-12 4 days per week!). I also have a little update from Wellpreneur’s HQ As you could have noticed my work is really shifting towards connecting with the seasons, and using this connection with the nature around us, seasonal rhythms and just the natural cycles of the world to make our life and work easier. And this spring I ran a brand new beta version of the program called Alchemy & Action. It was fantastic! Now it’s almost time for Summer and I’m just putting the final touches on Alchemy & Action: Summer Edition, I’d love to invite you to join us for it, we start Monday June 3!

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