Hear from some of the entrepreneurs who have found a better way to live and work through Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp


I launched my new business!

Private coaching with Amanda is the smartest thing I've ever done for my business.

I was hesitant to make the investment in coaching, but I'm SO glad I did. I've taken so many business courses over the years, and I learned a lot, but I could never quite figure out how to apply what I learned to the specifics of my business and really put it into action. Amanda helped me develop a plan and, more importantly, to TAKE ACTION.

With her guidance, in just a few short weeks I identified my ideal client, set up my social media accounts, developed my sales funnel, created a 7-day challenge focused on their pain points, promoted the challenge both organically and via Facebook ads, set up a private Facebook group for challenge participants, and then launched the challenge!

I was honestly afraid that no one but my mom would sign up, but I had 25 people sign up (exceeding the goal we set of 20...which I never thought I'd meet)! The challenge is coming to an end, and I am getting great feedback from the participants. Following the sales funnel Amanda helped me create, I am preparing to make my first offer of a paid program to them. I would NEVER have gotten this much accomplished if I weren't working with Amanda . . . I'd still be spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

I really appreciate Amanda's style of coaching. She's kind but direct, and keeps a sense of humor throughout the process. She's understanding and reassuring when I hit an obstacle and feel discouraged, but she doesn't let me get bogged down in those feelings and empowers me to keep going. I used to think of my business and just feel frustrated. Now, thanks to Amanda, I feel excited when I think about my business and my future as an entrepreneur. Thank you, Amanda!!

Valerie Roper Valier Roper Wellness

Can't Even Quantify the Impact on my Business

I'm now a few months out and I can't even quantify the impact that it has had on the direction of my business.

I've had a wellness-focused personal chef business locally for almost 5 years, and I knew I wanted to scale to help more people cook and eat well than I could one-on-one. I knew I should be doing things like "growing a following" and "creating an opt-in" but I really didn't understand how these pieces fit together or how specifically they would generate revenue.

Amanda explained so simply how an online business actually works and which pieces you need to have in place first. I'm actually having fun putting the pieces and programs together because I have a crew in my corner telling me right off the bat if something is good or bad so I don't feel dread or hesitation that comes with being uncertain.

Since the program, I've organically grown my email list from about 100 people that I had never emailed once (I know, I'm the WORST) to now about 300 people that I email weekly with information that they've told me I want to hear! I used her target market research strategy to understand my audience and craft an opt-in. In January I plan to launch a beta paid online program designed just for them.

Amanda herself is knowledgeable and extremely generous. I feel like she is genuinely invested in my success and helps me stay on task. Although the program is not focused on technology and specific implementation, I've found Amanda and the community to also be a great resource on what digital tools to use and how to use video, email marketing, and design tools (aka the bane of my existence.) Amanda's a total tech geek whether she's willing to admit it or not. Huge help for all us wellness hippies.

I feel confident that I'm now at the stage where I "know enough" and can just implement for months.

Alia Dalal Wellness Chef

This work has done wonders for my business!

Working with Amanda has done wonders for my business, by helping me to get crystal clear on my goals and priorities, and the actions I need to take to get me there. Amanda is super encouraging and her open sharing of her amazing knowledge was a real asset. I very much appreciated the small group program and feel that I've really got to know everyone's businesses - it's great that we can all support each other as we continue to grow and develop. I had wondered whether it would add anything to what I already knew, but Amanda has a very refreshing approach and the accountability and focus was exactly what I needed.

Angela Bryant

I have so much more confidence in my website now!

Since working with Amanda I have so much more confidence in my website. I've had a number of people sign up to my email list, and I'm excited to make online a bigger part of my business strategy!

Stephanie Grossman Healthy Moms

New people are finding me everyday!

When I first started working with Amanda, I had no clients, no contacts and little to any knowledge of online marketing. My only advertising was by word of mouth and to be honest it wasn't working at all. Amanda showed me step-by-step how to set up the basics of social media and tips on how to start driving constant traffic. Things that actually worried me a lot before, now seem easy. I went from zero to over 600 Facebook fans and growing every day. Thank you!

Julia Magnusdottir Health Coach

Such simple & good ideas!

I love how Amanda provides such simple but GOOD ideas to improve customer flow, comfort and satisfaction. She really hones in on the key issues and gives direct actionable items to make my customer's experiences totally stress free and blissful. I'm excited to implement her ideas. The time was super efficient and full immeasurable value.

Dr. Tonia Winchester

I finally know where to focus!

I had too many fragmented ideas for my business, and was totally overwhelmed. It seemed like such a big undertaking to bring them into reality in a short time. Now I've got a plan to keep me focused on a few specific areas of my business, I've restructured my schedule so I can work on those projects, and I'm less intimidated to look at my numbers knowing I'm working towards a specific goal!

Inga Bylinkina Herbalist and Health Coach

Massive creative & business leap!

I just wanted to thank you so much for our great call last week - it has totally re-inspired and helped me make a massive creative and business direction leap in the past week. I've totally redone my website (thank you wordpress), both the cosmetic side of it as well as the content. Along with these changes, I finally figured out what I'm going to offer as my opt-in/free gift and am about 70% of the way through that as well. Anyway, it was important to me that you knew how much impact that call had and how much it helped me breakthrough the funk I was in. I am extremely grateful to you!

Erin Harris Active Path Health Coaching

End-to-end sales process!

Since working with Amanda I've been able to create an end-to-end sales process to launch my new product. Amanda links a strategic perspective with practical knowledge to enable me to deliver my online programs, saving me hours and resulting in something quite impactful. She knows which tools to use and how to use them. She makes things happen!

Lawrence Mitchell Raw Energy

45 people registered for my new challenge!

Working with Amanda was a turning point in my business. I wanted to expand my business from an in-person acupuncture practice to include online programs and services.

During the program, I launched a new Clean Eating Challenge and 45 people signed up! My email list grew quickly, I filled my program, and had my best revenue month to date!

Kit Yoon Acupuncturist

I almost walked away from health coaching.

I was overwhelmed and chasing every shiny object that promised results with no clarity whatsoever. Working with Amanda was my final dive before seriously walking away from my dream of being a health coach! I had been extremely disappointed with other programs that promised six-figures, but ended up with no more than a dent in my wallet! I had simply been spinning the wheels with the same result: no clients and no engagement.

Since the program, I have successfully booked 7 live talks and cooking demos for next year! I am excited as I love face to face interaction and am looking forward to booking more talks and clients. The program has given me the lifeline to continue as a health coach!

Kiran Ram Wise Up to Wellness