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Hear from some of the entrepreneurs who have found a better way to live and work through Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp


Now I know my dream business really is possible!

I joined Marketing Bootcamp because I was reaching a point where I was 'spinning my wheels', and the idea of having a system instantly appealed.

I love the workbooks and having something to fill out and plan with is great. I also like how Amanda break things down into easy, manageable steps.

I don't feel overwhelmed, I feel inspired and like I'm achieving things instead.

During Bootcamp, I've had so many people interested in my work, I signed on one new client and have 2 others who seem really interested!

I'm now much more focused on who my ideal client is and how I nurture those connections online. I feel more confident in my business model, and feel like when I approach people I have a clear idea of what I want from them and how to get it... or how to give it, really 🙂 The Bootcamp material is approachable and totally actionable, and for me, really has produced results - both online and off.

Thank you for the confidence and guidance you've given me. It came at just the right time, and has made me realize that this dream of mine really is possible!

Samantha Russel

The focused structure of the course with weekly calls was great for accountability.

After finishing Fast Track, I'm now comfortable doing videos and clear on what content I want to be writing on what platform. I've also started to build my email list.

And I really enjoyed the support. Thank you Amanda and Charlie!

Susie Kong Functional Medicine Health Coach, Fast Tracker 2020

My email grew by 4x!

I am stunned to be able to tell you that my list has more than quadrupled in the past 3 months and continues to get a steady trickle of new sign ups each week.

After doing Marketing Bootcamp I have to admit that I procrastinated like a pro over making my offering 'good enough'! I run an online course on PCOS-friendly eating but needed to build a list of people interested in this topic in order to market it more effectively. Once I finally released my new eBook, my list grew from 150 - 450 and has steadily climbed ever since (it is now 650!)

I am also getting more sign ups to my general health coaching list too, which I can only assume is because of the increase in traffic to my website as I haven't really been doing anything special to promote it. Thanks for all your help!

Annabel Boys

I figured out my niche and grew my audience by 20%!

In the past I've spent money on other courses before and found them to be "eh." Nothing new, and nothing innovative. But after listening to the Wellpreneur podcast every week I knew Wellpreneur would offer a really quality product. I especially loved the swipe files for the welcome email series.

During Bootcamp, I discovered my niche which gave me focus, clarity and helped me feel "unstuck". My email list has also grown by about 20% since taking Bootcamp, and now I have a plan and know what to do to continue growing.

Bootcamp provided in-depth, practical, actionable advice and the focus specifically for wellpreneurs made it even more valuable.

Naomi Nakamura

The 1:1 sessions and group connection really helped

Marketing Bootcamp Fast Track is broken down into realistic easy bite size modules and it is totally doable. When I got stuck with my free gift it really helped to be able to speak to Charlie - it was an amazing lesson. And the personal connection with the live weekly group sessions really helped me feel supported and complete the course.

Akiko, Fast Tracker 2020

It helps you run your business more effectively. It helps you take action. And it works!

"I worried that I was always spending too much money on courses without finding that “thing” that would really make a difference.

But since applying what I learned in Marketing Bootcamp, starting with creating a fabulous opt-in gift for my list with 3 videos - I signed my first client from my new email sequence! I have also sold my first online course from the same email sequence.

Now I’m getting so much more interaction with my email subscribers, they email me back all the time which I love!

I recommend the program to anyone who wants an online health coaching business - I mean anyone! It’s easy. It helps you run your business more effectively. It helps you take action. And it works! :)"

Emma Pollette

Such simple & good ideas!

I love how Amanda provides such simple but GOOD ideas to improve customer flow, comfort and satisfaction. She really hones in on the key issues and gives direct actionable items to make my customer's experiences totally stress free and blissful. I'm excited to implement her ideas. The time was super efficient and full immeasurable value.

Dr. Tonia Winchester

A step by step guide to start your busines

I would definitely recommend Marketing Bootcamp Fast Track to new Health Coaches who are just starting out and don't have time to do research on how to start their business. This is a step-by-step guide to do just that! Thank you Amanda and Charlie - wonderful guides!

Sofia Nibali Health Coach, Fast Tracker 2020

New people are finding me everyday!

When I first started working with Amanda, I had no clients, no contacts and little to any knowledge of online marketing. My only advertising was by word of mouth and to be honest it wasn't working at all. Amanda showed me step-by-step how to set up the basics of social media and tips on how to start driving constant traffic. Things that actually worried me a lot before, now seem easy. I went from zero to over 600 Facebook fans and growing every day. Thank you!

Julia Magnusdottir Health Coach

Clear, Simple and Accessible

Clear, simple and accessible

Marketing Bootcamp is clear, simple, friendly and extremely well thought out. Amanda's experience and her clear ability to support others help take your business to the next level is why I fully recommend this program and Wellpreneur's work!

Rob Lawrence

I almost walked away from health coaching.

I was overwhelmed and chasing every shiny object that promised results with no clarity whatsoever. Working with Amanda was my final dive before seriously walking away from my dream of being a health coach!

Now, I've successfully booked 7 live talks and cooking demos! Wellpreneur has given me the lifeline to continue as a health coach!

Kiran Ram Wise Up to Wellness


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