10 wellness blog post ideas for when you’re really stuck 

It happens to all of us at one point – we know we need to update our blog, the deadline is looming and you’re starting to feel guilty for neglecting your readers – but you just can’t think of a single thing to write!

When I work with a client on a new blog, we do a brainstorming exercise to find 25-50 potential blog posts.  This gives her a well of ideas to draw from, rather than trying to find a new topic each week.

But what happens when the well is empty?  Or, if you never had a well to begin with?

Take 10-15 minutes to go through these questions and brainstorm ideas.

Two tips for this process:

  • Write them down! Don’t rely on your memory.  This exercise is all about generating lots of ideas in a short time, so write down everything.
  • Don’t edit, self-censor, or worry about creating the ‘headline’.  Just write down ideas.  You can edit later.

10 blog post ideas for when you’re really stuck

1. What are the questions you get most about [your topic] from readers, friends or people you meet?

If a lot of people are asking you the same thing, there’s a good chance you readers want to know it too.

2. If someone is just starting out with [your topic], what are the first steps? What is the process to use?

Your blog is one way to establish yourself as an expert who can help readers solve their problems.  Speak to the ultimate beginner here – what do they need to know to get started?  Sure they could look this info up on the internet, but having a beginners guide is a huge time-saver and very valuable for them.

3. If someone is new to [your topic] what do they need to know?

4. How to [your topic].  

People love tutorials.  Include pictures and a step by step instructions if it makes sense for your topic.

5. 7  things you didn’t know about [your topic].  It doesn’t have to be 7, any number works!

6. Seasonal and timely.  What should a reader know about [your topic] for this season, month, upcoming event or holiday?  Or how can you relate your topic to something in the news?

7. Common mistakes people make about [your topic]

8. Share resources.  Share your favorite books, websites, magazines or products related to your topic.

9. What benefits do people get from working with you?  Talk about one of the benefits and list a few easy steps so a reader can get started themselves.

10. When all else fails, write a list post.  People love list posts.  They’re quick to read and easy to take tips from.  You can create a list about any of the above ideas.  Or go further and make a definitive list about [your topic] with 101 items on it.

Over to you… what are YOUR favorite ways to find blog post ideas?  Let us know in the comments!

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