Build a brand that matters with J. Nichole Smith {e176} 

This week I’m having a really deep, juicy, thought-provoking conversation about branding with my guest, an expert brand consultant J. Nichole Smith. Brand is so much more than your logo and your website color scheme, it’s a path forward that is making us feel much more aligned with our businesses, and we’re really getting into that today. From what kind of message you want to send to the world, to how you want to spend your day – all these things are being used to create your brand and your business. I know a lot of wellpreneurs who created businesses that unfortunately don’t quite feel right, and I’ve struggled with this myself for a while and you end up offering a product or a service that you don’t really like to deliver. But as solopreneurs creating businesses that we’re not absolutely wild about simply does not make sense, so we’re going to try and prevent that in today’s episode. We’re also going to talk about emotions and vulnerability and how using our own personal experiences can help us create a brand that’s really aligned with us. Nichole also offered a wide selection of items that are going to help you get started with your own branding (or review existing brand), and you can download those from the link below in the show notes.

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