Healthy food industry insights with Paddy Spence {e175} 

I’m just loving this season of podcast because we’re having such a diverse group of guests! Today I’m speaking with Paddy Spence, CEO of Zevia. Zevia is sugar free soda company, the first one to use stevia as sweetener in their drinks! Their founder Paddy has tons of experience in natural and organic industry and in working for companies that make natural and organic food and he decided to embark this journey of starting a soda company that didn’t have much artificial sweeteners in them. If you are interested in making a product – this interview is exactly what you need to hear! Also, Paddy has so much experience the wellness industry and I loved picking his brains about his view on the competition, how to hire and build a good team, and how to decide what to work on in your business. From the changes and trends in the natural and organic industry, to all those juicy questions about his morning routines and how he keeps himself motivated – we’re covering it all in today’s conversation, and you don’t want to miss it!

Also, it’s summertime here in London and I’m curious to know if you are taking some time off this summer? I have just came back from New Hampshire where I have spent some time with my family, but also did some retreats and workshops, loads of writing, and worked on the part of my business I have been delaying for a long time. So my advice for this summer is definitely to try and do both if you can: take at least a few days off to just reset, and then get some perspective and see if there’s anything in your work that you may have been putting off for a while and set it in motion.

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