Will B-school boost your health coaching business? My honest opinion! 

I took a deep breath and clicked the ‘buy now’ button.

I remember feeling a bit mixed – optimistic and confident I’d just invested in something great, but also wondering “Is this going to work for me?  Is it for real?”

That was me 6 years ago, when I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-school program.

If you don’t know B-school, it’s the worlds first online business school for modern entrepreneurs.  (Don’t worry, it bears no relation to the traditional B-school MBA curriculum … Marie Forleo’s B-school is relevant, actionable, creative and brings you into a thriving, supportive community.)

It was one of my best business investments – ever.

So this year, as she prepares to open enrollment for the 2016 B-school class, I’ve started getting lots of questions from fellow health coaches:

  • Does B-school really work for health coaches?
  • What do you learn?
  • How is it different from other business training – like the IIN Immersion program?

Why is B-school helpful for health coaches?

Does this sound familiar?  You finish your health coach training program and you’re SO excited.  Bursting with enthusiasm.  Ready to teach everyone about the wonders of whole foods and self-care (and kale!)

But aside from giving free talks and offering health histories, you don’t know what to do.  You feel a bit stuck with your school-provided website (and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new one).  You know you need to do more marketing – but you’re not really sure where to start.

OR … maybe you’ve built up a little business – but you’re hitting that limit of how many clients you can see in a week.  You know you need to leverage your time … but aren’t sure how to do it.  Group coaching?  Write a book?  Create a detox program?  It seems overwhelming.

At both of these phases in your health coaching business – B-school will help.

The part I loved about B-school was that it’s a complete system.  As you progress through the 6 modules, you build the foundations of a healthy business and work through every element of your business.  Yes, you have to do the work.  But there is so much support from the community, you’re never confused or unsure of what to do next.

What’s included in B-school?

B-school is an 8-week online training program, which covers these 6 modules:

  1. Profit Clarity
  2. Websites That Sell and Don’t Suck
  3. Slam Dunk Communication Plan
  4. List Building Mania
  5. How to Create Products and Services That Practically Sell Themselves
  6. Timeless Marketing Wisdom That Works Across Every Industry

Every week you get a series of short, actionable training videos, worksheets, homework and Q+A calls… plus there’s an amazingly supportive community in the optional Facebook group.

How does B-school help health coaches?

There are a lot of health coaches (and just generally coaches + consultants) in B-school.  If you’re running a coaching business, you’ll find these parts especially helpful:

  • get clear on your target market + ideal client
  • create health coaching packages and programs that your clients want to buy!
  • know how to price your health coaching packages
  • know exactly how to market your business  for maximum effect
  • learn how to communicate about your business in a way that makes it irresistible to your ideal client
  • connect with a community of creative entrepreneurs around the world

How does B-school compare to IIN Immersion?

I’ve taken both programs, and they’re complementary.    Remember, this is just my personal opinion and experience in the programs.

I found the IIN immersion program to have interesting and useful seminars on targeted business-building topics.  I enjoyed immersion and got value from it.

But I found B-school to be a complete system, which ‘fits all the pieces together’.  It goes much more in depth into developing a communication strategy and putting it into practice.  Plus, the B-school community and the support from it is priceless.  There is immense value in networking with other health coaches – however, I also believe it’s important to see what’s working in other industries and bring that into your own business – and B-school allows you to do that.

Who is B-school NOT right for?

B-school is not right for everyone.  You HAVE to do the work to get value from B-school.  So if building your business is not a priority right now, you’re probably not going to do the work, and it’s not worth enrolling.

B-school is also not for you, if you don’t have a concrete business idea.  Although as a health coach, you should have a business idea already (health coaching!)

B-school is also focused on online marketing.  So if you don’t want to build your business online, it’s probably not the best fit.  Yes, the marketing principles are timeless, but it’s very much geared to an online audience.

And finally – do you like Marie Forleo? I think a big decision point is if you resonate with Marie or not.  B-school is very much Marie’s program, so you’ll have a sense from her training videos if you’d like to learn from her or not.

I’m an affiliate for Marie Forleo’s B-School because I’ve personally taken the program and recommend it to friends and clients!  It doesn’t change the price to you, but I may receive a commission if you use the links above and decide to purchase the program.  Thanks for supporting Wellpreneur!

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