How to Establish Yourself as a Leader in the Field with Jennifer Fugo {e224} 

In today’s episode, Amanda takes us back in time as she reminds us of her interview with Jennifer Fugo, a writer, an entrepreneur, and founder of Gluten Free School. Lend an ear to it, and you will hear about Jennifer’s success story alongside tips and tricks that will help you drive your business forward and build a strong online presence. You will learn how to understand your target audience, how to connect to them in a meaningful way via Facebook, and how to use PR in your favor.

Furthermore, you will find out how to join Alchemy and Action community, a place filled with inspirational and devoted people.

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:07 – What will Jennifer share with us?
  • 02:25 – Overview of Gluten Free School
  • 06:13 – Jennifer’s success on Facebook
  • 08:57 – What does Jennifer offer to her clients
  • 11:53 – How to design your set of products
  • 14:21 – What to do on a Facebook
  • 18:33 – How did Jennifer get into The Dr. Oz Show?
  • 23:40 – Jennifer’s tips for people who are starting their business

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