Make Your Content Writing Easier {e239} 

“Writing is a practice!“ Amanda Cook

If you’ve got a start-up and want to build a relationship with potential clients while coming up first in search results, you are in the right place! In this week’s episode, Amanda discovers many “how-to’s” on this topic and shares strategies that will make content writing easier.

Furthermore, you’ll find out how to play to your strengths and how to save hours and hours throughout the coming months and years by – making a plan. You will also learn how to create an editorial calendar, choose your core content pillars, and decide the frequency you’ll release the content.

Are you ready?

After the show, you’ll know. And that’s not all! Amanda has a ton of tips on how to make your writing feel more personal! Specifically, what’s the quickest way to finish your first draft and how to develop your voice and ease with writing over time. Keep going, and tune in!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • Make a plan: How to make your content writing easier
  • 2 things everybody needs to know at the beginning
  • The core pillars: Finding the 5-7 core content categories
  • Figuring out: What are you selling and to whom?
  • What are the most important topics to write about
  • Editorial calendar: How often to release the content
  • How to create an outline with major bullet points
  • How to make your writing feel more personal while keeping it professional
  • Writing forward: How and when is it easier to edit?
  • How to find your voice and style

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