{e40} Doing Business as an Introverted Entrepreneur with Tanja Gardner 

Doing Business as an Introvert

So many business opportunities have to do with speaking, networking, and putting yourself out there, which can be intimidating and draining for an introvert. Do we need to adjust our strategy if we are introverted?

Today’s guest, Tanja Gardner, specializes in helping heart-based, conscious entrepreneurs who are also introverted. As an introvert herself, she has lots of information on how to manage energy and tweak your strategy so that sharing the message about your business feels easier, more natural, and true to your personality.

If you’ve noticed yourself feeling easily drained by people or clients, or if you tend to feel uncomfortable about marketing, this interview will give you some great tips for adjusting your perspective and your working style.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Are you an introvert? (You might be surprised!) – and how to make the most of your strengths
  • Which challenges an introverted entrepreneur faces
  • How to learn to manage your energy more effectively as a business owner
  • How to tweak marketing and networking events so it works better for you
  • Top tips for introverted entrepreneurs

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