Publishing and Marketing your First Book with Ronnie Nijmeh {e38} 

Is writing a book on your business dream list? It is for many of us! Writing a book for your wellness business is an excellent tool for gaining credibility and opening new doors to speaking opportunities and media coverage. It’s a huge task though, and the work doesn’t stop once it’s down on paper. So how do we get our book published in a professional manner, how do we market the book, and how do we budget our time and energy to get it all done?

Today’s guest is Ronnie Nijmeh, an expert in self-publishing and marketing books, and the CEO of Coachzing.com. He’ll tell us how to get our book written even if we’re not great at writing or we’ve gotten stuck, and once we’ve finished writing, how to get it out in front of the right people so that we can use it to as a credibility tool in our wellness businesses.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Tricks to gain visibility for your book on amazon
  • How to divide your energy between writing your book and marketing it
  • How to get your book on paper and finished, even if you’re not a good writer, or you feel stuck
  • How to make your self-published book look like a professional product
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes/misconceptions about writing your first book

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