Grow Your Wellness Business with Pinterest {e137} 

Grow Your Wellness Business with Pinterest

Have you wondered how to use Pinterest to bring new readers to your health and wellness website? Or if Pinterest is even still working these days? The answer is YES, and this week I have Louise Cottrell from TravelPinners.com on the podcast to walk us through setting up an effective Pinterest strategy. From curating boards to creating super pinnable images, Louise shares tons of tips and tricks to get the most out of Pinterest marketing.

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Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs Love Pinterest: Here’s Why

Guest post by Melanie Deardorff

Recently I contacted health coaches and wellness pros who pin to share their best Pinterest advice. 

When I began this project, I spent hours searching Pinterest for health and wellness pros – bloggers, health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, and yoga teachers – to see who was using Pinterest and to discover what they were pinning. I only knew two of the people I reached out to but having never met a stranger, I emailed people with a note about my project. And then I watched my email over the next few days …

… and before long, people started responding with enthusiasm about the project and about Pinterest. That’s when I began to see just how many wellness pros believe Pinterest is important for their business.

As I re-read everyone’s responses for probably the tenth time so I could write this post, I saw that five key themes had emerged about why wellness pros love Pinterest:

Five Reasons Wellpreneurs Love Pinterest

  1. It’s a perfect fit for their passion and purpose. Pinterest gives wellness pros the opportunity to share their commitment to helping people live happy, healthy and whole lives. Nina Manolson, MA, Health Coach and Psychology of Eating Coach, says in the ebook that she joined Pinterest “from a place of pure passion ─ passion for sharing healthy living and passion for beautiful images.” It’s so easy to see what Nina believes in when you view her page filled with boards of superfoods, medicinal plants and healthy, fun food for kids.
  2. The visual platform really connects with their brands. Wendy Moore, owner of Aspen Yoga Mats and a former Pilates teacher and personal trainer says, “Aspen Yoga Mats is such a colorful and visual product. Pinterest has become a great way to expose our custom-embroidered yoga mats to many, many people who love yoga, love color and enjoy the designs we have created.” I love Wendy’s use of color on her Pinterest– notice how her first five boards match the colors in her logo. Genius!
  3. Pinterest plays well with other social networks. Lou Ann Donovan, Holistic Health Coach, CHHC, AADP, healthy living blogger and one of my health coach buddies here in Kansas City, uses Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog. You’ll see on her page the first board is for her blog, “the top left corner known as prime Pinterest real estate,” Lou Ann calls it. Lou Ann shares a tip not everyone may know: You can drag a Pinterest board to any position on the page. She says, “The blog board is the first board you will see on my Pinterest wall rather than having it buried further down the page.”
  4. With minimum time on Pinterest, you can still get maximum results. Several of the wellness pros I interviewed said they’re able to spend just 15-30 minutes on Pinterest each day, and this focused, shorter time works well for them. Katie Bressack, AADP, CHHC, women’s health expert and Balanced Beings founder, has a strategy she sticks with: “Carve out 30 minutes in the morning and later in the day to devote to it. If you are on four different social media platforms, give yourself only seven minutes on each at a time. By streamlining the time you’re posting on social media (as well as the way you are utilizing Pinterest)  it will create more time in your day for your business.” Katie’s page includes a Health & Wellness board, where she posts videos – and I think those really stand out well on Pinterest.
  5. Getting up to speed is easy. Marissa Vicario, CHHC, AADP and Marissa’s Well-being and Health founder, says it was somewhat easy getting started. In the ebook, Marisa says she just didn’t let Pinterest overwhelm her and let the process flow naturally. She says, “I created boards by thinking about all the areas of my life that defined me (i.e., what I’m passionate about) – fitness, healthy eating, healthy cooking, fashion, spirituality, book-lover, home decorating, etc. – then created a corresponding board for each with a catchy title.” Marissa’s Pinterest page includes 51 boards covering a variety of topics that she’s passionate about.

Before I started this research, my Pinterest page didn’t get much love from me. But now, I find myself spending more time there. I started two new boards – one for funny quotes and cartoons about blogging and one for my podcasts picks. (I got hooked on podcasts after doing the online health coaching program at IIN, where our curriculum included dozens of lectures in this format).

Are you more excited about Pinterest’s potential for your business after hearing from these enthusiastic fans? I hope so!

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