Want to work with Moms on Self-Care? {e173} 

Do you want to work with Moms on improving their self-care?
This episode was inspired by our recent Nail Your Niche challenge. I see so many wellpreneurs wanting to work with Moms to help them with their stress, anxiety, poor sleep, weight gain etc, by encouraging them to take more time for self-care. Well – despite your good intentions, talking with moms about self-care is often a frustrating target market with low sales … and here’s why. I’m going to explore exactly why this target market is hard to reach and the huge (and sometimes hidden) cultural influences that may be sabotaging your sales. BUT not all is lost! You absolutely CAN work with moms AND help them with self-care, you just need to know the right way to approach them. We’ll talk about that too. This episode is a must-listen if you want to work with moms, but also for any wellpreneurs who want to hone their marketing mind and learn how to communicate with their ideal client.…

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