Health Coach Solutions 30-Day Jumpstart Review 2024 

Have you ever wished there was a short, low-cost health coaching program that you could use with clients immediately?  Especially as an entry-level option for new clients who aren’t ready to invest in your complete health coaching program?

I see new health coaches get stuck here all the time.  They want to get started coaching, but first they need to create a health coaching program, and that feels like such a huge task they don’t do anything!

Health Coach Solutions fills this need by providing Done For You health coaching programs.  Here I’m reviewing their “Fit and Healthy 30-day Jumpstart” Program, which is intended to be an entry-level 30-day program for new clients.  You could use this program for an Online Group Program or a 30-Day Challenge in your health coaching business.

One of my big concerns with Done For You health coaching programs is whether they’ll require tons of customizing before they’re ready to go.  So I went through this entire Jumpstart program and will share my honest opinion here!

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Just so you know, I’m an affiliate for Health Coach Solutions, so if you purchase through my link, I may receive a commission – however this doesn’t change the price to you, and all the opinions contained here are my own!

Health Coach Solutions Fit and Healthy 30-Day Jumpstart Program – What’s Inside

As a Done For You program, this program contains both the program materials to use with your clients, as well as marketing materials and instructions to help YOU as the coach to promote and run the program.

You’ll receive access to all of the contents of the program, plus access to a private Facebook group with the Health Coach Solutions team to get support as you’re marketing and running your 30-day Jumpstart!

The program includes:

  • Complete Program Materials ready to use with your new clients including recipes, emails, social media images, tracking sheets, checklists and more.
  • 4 Weeks Of Done-For-You Content – All you need to do is brand the 30 Day Jump Start as your own, and use the included promotional materials to get people interested.
  • Social Media Materials – They provide materials to create a private Facebook group during the 30-day program, prompts and images to get engagement, as well as social media posts to use while promoting your program.
  • Email Sequences – Just copy and paste these into your email marketing program and send out to your new clients.
  • Complete Coaching Guide – so you know exactly how to setup and run the Jumpstart program
  • Video Tutorials – Step-by-step tutorials to walk you through setting up your program with ease.

Health Coach Solutions 30-Day Jumpstart Program – The Good.

Immediately when I opened the Jumpstart Program, it was clear where to begin.  There’s a folder titled “Read First” which has all of the info you need as a coach to understand what’s included in the program, and to know exactly where to start.

The Coach Guide walks you through the entire process – from marketing, to running the program, to getting follow-on clients afterwards.

As an online marketer myself, I especially appreciated that the guide encourages you to decide the next step AFTER this 30-day challenge, even before you run the program.  “Always have something else to offer people.”  That’s just smart business.  And the guide makes it foolproof.

Here’s what I liked about the 30-Day Jumpstart:

  • Complete Done For You Program which covers marketing and promotion, running the program, and getting follow-on clients afterwards.
  • This program fills the gap for many health coaches who only offer 1:1 coaching.  This is a low-priced, entry-level program that you can sell from $0-$97 to give people a taste of working with you.
  • Love that different versions of images were provided, so you can customize them yourself.
  • All of the documents are editable, so you can add your own branding, or adjust the contents to your own wellness philosophy (more on this later)
  • The Facebook Group materials are so easy! There are images and daily prompts you can share. You’ll never have to think about what to post in your Facebook group.
  • They provide a Facebook Group also for coaches who are running the program, so you can get support and ask questions.
  • The recipes come in US measurements as well as Metric!  This was an unexpected surprise, because many health coaching materials are completely US-Centric.  So this is a Done For You health coaching program that can work internationally!
  • Checklists, shopping guides, recipe guides and more are provided to give to your clients.

Overall I felt this was a complete program which would work for US or international audiences, and everything is able to be customized for your brand!

I could see coaches running this almost as-is (simply adding their name + URL to the bottom of the guides), and others spending more time customizing it to their specific wellness philosophies.  Either way it would save hours and hours of time over creating your own program!

Health Coach Solutions 30-Day Jumpstart Program – The Bad.

My biggest con for this program is not only with this program, but with Done For You health coaching programs in general… I’m going to say it’s impossible to buy a program that 100% fits your wellness philosophy out of the box.

However, the Fit and Healthy 30-Day Jumpstart is a really sensible, broadly holistic health approach that gives recipes which could fit vegetarian, vegan, paleo or other approaches.

If you are specifically looking for a special-diet program, I would recommend looking for a Done For You Program specifically in that niche.  This program is more appropriate for general holistic health, whole foods type approach to wellbeing.  After all, it is positioned as a Jump Start program to get new clients going – not a complete health coaching program to teach a specific philosophy.

A few other negatives to be aware of:

  • What’s great is that the recipes come in both metric and US format. But some very minor things could be adjusted – for example, it mentions buying certain items at Target, which is a US discount store.  And the spelling in metric format isf in US-English and could be adjusted to UK-English to fit your country.
  • There are some typos in the recipe guide, but overall I feel it’s a professional presentation.  You’ll just want to read through the guide and adjust as appropriate (and maybe run a spellcheck before you finalize it!)
  • Recipes – The recipes are simple, tasty, wholefoods type recipes – for example, lots of salmon and quinoa and greens.  There is also a smoothie and juice recipe guide, which is a bit fruit-centric, but for a beginners jumpstart it probably needs to be!  You’ll want to adjust the recipe guide to fit your personal wellness philosophy.  For example, there are a few recipes which call for egg whites which I personally would never recommend (I’d use whole eggs.  I’m very pro-fat!), so you could swap those out.
  • Tech Help – There are flow charts and checklists and video tutorials to help you get the Jumpstart setup, but if you’re a total newbie to Creating/Sending emails from an email program, creating a landing page and setting up a Facebook group, you might need additional tech support.  There is an option to get this support at a reduced rate.

Overall I didn’t find any major drawbacks with this program – I think it’s a great general holistic health, whole foods Jumpstart that will just require a little bit of customizing and of course setting it up in your own email list and web page!

Health Coach Solutions 30-Day Jumpstart Program – The Verdict

I love how comprehensive and complete this Jumpstart is, to the point you could use it right out of the box with just adding your name + URL.  Of course, most coaches will want to customize it a bit more to fit your own personal wellness philosophy.  But using this program you’ll have everything you need to run a 30-day jumpstart almost immediately!

Of course, if you’re looking for a special-diet program (for example, vegan, paleo, detox, etc.) this is not it.  This is a sensible, whole foods, holistic approach to Jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle.  It reminds me a lot of what we learned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I would think IIN grads could start using this program immediately.

As I mentioned earlier, I think this program fills an important gap for most health coaches.

Many health coaches only offer 1:1 programs which cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But as a new coach, especially when you don’t have a lot of testimonials and referrals, people may be hesitant to spend so much money with you in the beginning.

This 30-day Jumpstart fills that gap.  This program is a way that new clients can work with you for 30 days at a low price, in a group setting, and then you have the opportunity to upsell them into your 1:1 program at the end.  I would personally feel comfortable using this program as a health coach, especially if I was just getting started and wanted a quick way to generate revenue and get testimonials.  Or if you’ve only been selling higher priced programs, and want an easy way to expand your customer base!

How to Buy the 30-Day Jumpstart Program

Wellpreneur readers can get 30% off the Health Coach Solutions 30-Day Jumpstart Program (or any of their programs!) by using the coupon code: AMANDA30  when checking out using my link below:

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