Health Coach Solutions “Coach With Confidence” Program Review 2024 

Have you ever wished there was a complete health coaching program you could just pick up and use immediately with your clients?

I hear from many new health coaches who want to get their first client – but feel like they need to create a customized health coaching program first.

From experience, I can confidently say that creating a program from scratch is not the best path in the beginning.

As a health coach, you’ll learn what works best for your clients by actually working with clients.  So it’s important that you start coaching clients as quickly as possible.  That’s why a Done For You health coaching program can be a huge timesaver.

Will it perfectly match your wellness philosophy?  No.  But will it help you to get clients quickly, and start getting results, so you can generate revenue and refine your coaching skills?  Yes, absolutely!

Eventually you will probably want to create your own health coaching program that fits your own wellness philosophy.  But you’ll get much better results from your program if you have real-world experience working with clients (and of course the good results + testimonials that go along with that!)

That’s why I’m reviewing the Health Coach Solutions “Coach with Confidence” 6-month coaching program – so you know exactly what you’re getting, and can decide if it’s the right fit for your health coaching practice!

And if you read to the bottom of the post, I have a special coupon code for wellpreneurs to save $100 off the Coach with Confidence program!

Just so you know, I’m an affiliate for Health Coach Solutions, so if you purchase through my link, I may receive a commission – however this doesn’t change the price to you, and all the opinions contained here are my own!

Health Coach Solutions “Coach with Confidence” Program – What’s Inside

As a Done For You program, this program contains both the program materials to use with your clients, as well as marketing materials and instructions to help YOU as the coach to promote and run the program.  As a bonus, it also includes a version of the coaching program which can be used as an Online Program or Course (with speakers notes so you can record ‘modules’ and run group calls.)

You’ll receive access to all of the contents of the program, plus access to a private Facebook group with the Health Coach Solutions team to get support as you’re marketing and running your coaching program!

The program includes:

  • A fully customizable and brandable 6-month coaching program to use with clients in one-on-one coaching, group coaching or online coaching.
  • Fully adaptable into two separate 3-month programs or used as a comprehensive 6-month program.
  • 12 modules of content, plus handouts for your clients including:  Why Diets Don’t Work And What Does Work, Long-Term, Exercise Strategies To Maximize Results, Why It’s Not Just About Food And Exercise, Mindful Eating And Portion Control, Understanding And Conquering Cravings, Menu, Planning For Success, Stress Reduction And Self-Care, Supercharged Goal Setting, Mindset And Habits For Powerful Change, Fueling Your Body For Great Results, Boosting Your Energy, Deciphering Food Labels Made Easy
  • A pre-written sales page to help you sell the program – just copy and paste into your website, and style it to match your brand.
  • Sales and marketing help including suggestions on how to sell your coaching program and even how to conduct discovery calls
  • Bonuses including a special version of the coaching program to use as an online course or group program.
  • …and more.  Check the latest program page for full details.

Health Coach Solutions “Coach with Confidence” Program – The Good.

As soon as I opened the Coach with Confidence program, it was clear where to begin, as there is a “Read First” file which outlines everything you’ve purchased and how to get started.

Here’s what I liked about the Coach with Confidence Program:

  • A complete 6 month program that can be used as-is, or in two 3-month programs, or you can pick and choose modules that fit your client’s needs.  You’ll never feel stuck for what to talk about again during a session!
  • Handouts, call scripts and more are provided.  You could just follow the instructions to do your first few sessions until you gain confidence and start making your own changes.
  • I love that there’s a complete Online Program version included!  This makes it easy to use this content as a group program or online course, by simply recording the modules or doing them as group calls.
  • All of the documents are editable (as PowerPoint or Microsoft Word), so you can add your own branding, or adjust the contents to your own wellness philosophy.
  • There is a Facebook Group also for coaches who are running the program, so you can get support and ask questions.
  • Love that a Discovery Guide outline is included!  Conducting a discovery session (a typical step to selling your 1:1 coaching program) often feels like a roadblock for many new coaches, so this provides a script for how to conduct the call and find new clients!

Overall I felt this was a complete program which would work for US or international audiences, and everything is able to be customized for your brand!

I could see coaches running this almost as-is (simply adding their name + URL to the bottom of the guides), and others spending more time customizing it to their specific wellness philosophies.  Either way it would save hours and hours of time over creating your own program!

Health Coach Solutions “Coach with Confidence” Program – The Bad.

My biggest con for this program is not only with this program, but with Done For You health coaching programs in general… I’m going to say it’s impossible to buy a program that 100% fits your wellness philosophy out of the box.

However, the Coach with Confidence is a really sensible, broadly holistic health approach which covers food, lifestyle, exercise, stress and more.

A few other negatives to be aware of:

  • There are no recipes included.  This is good and bad.  Clients always want recipes!  By not including recipes, you are able to use your own favorites or recipes which fit your specific wellness philosophy.  But for some new coaches, they may feel stuck without recipes to offer.
  • It is ‘slightly’ focused towards Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduates.  The health coaching approach very much follows the IIN program, and it’s suggested that if you are an IIN grad, you may supplement your program with some of the IIN handouts, if you choose.
  • That being said – if you ARE an IIN grad, you could use the recipes provided from that program.  Or if you’ve graduated from another health coaching program, perhaps they provided recipes or materials that you could also include to expand this health coaching program.
  • This is a complete health coaching program.  But you’re still going to have to sell it!  While Health Coach Solutions does provide some guidance on conducting discovery sessions etc, you’ll probably still need additional sales training to find your first clients — unless it comes naturally to you which it absolutely does to some coaches when they’re so passionate about nutrition!
  • This program doesn’t cater to a specific dietary philosophy – so if you want to talk about the benefits of paleo, or veganism, or herbal medicine etc, you’ll need to add that content separately.

Overall, I would be happy to use this program out of the box as a general holistic wellbeing and health program with 1:1 clients.  It could also be easily adapted to group and online programs, as well as 3-month programs, so it gives you real flexibility in your business!

Health Coach Solutions “Coach with Confidence” Program – The Verdict

The Coach with Confidence program is a complete health coaching program that can be used out of the box, or customized to your wellness philosophy.  I recommend it for new health coaches, or health coaches who just want a bit more structure to their existing programs (or if you want to create a group program and need something more formalized.)

My sense is that you’ll want to customize the program after you work through it with a couple of clients.  You’ll also eventually want to add in your favorite recipes, and other handouts or bonuses which fit your wellness philosophy.

If you want to get started coaching without spending months creating materials from scratch, I recommend the Coach with Confidence program.  You can use it as-is to start, and then expand and customize it over time as your confidence and experience grows!

How to Buy the “Coach with Confidence” Program

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