Why social media is so sweet for wellness businesses 

Sure, everyone talks about using social media to grow your business.  But it is really such a good fit for wellness businesses in particular!  Wellness is all about community, about spreading health, about lifestyle – and social media fits into this just perfectly.  Here are some reasons why:

Wellness is holistic.  So is social media.

Social media is an opportunity to have a fun, informal, useful conversation with your ideal client.  It’s not about pitching your products and services.  Social media is about building community and sharing useful information, tips, resources, links as well as answering questions and letting your readers get to know your business.  Your wellness practice looks at a client holistically.  Now you can do the same through your marketing.  Share a technical item one day, a quick tip the next, something about wellness for the client at home, at work, an exercise routine, your favorite books on the topic, a video tutorial … through social media you show your client how your wellness business fits into multiple areas of their life.

Wellness spreads through community.  Social media creates a community!

I’m sure you know how people tend to have the same level of health and wellness as their friends.  There’s something about wellness that’s catching.  And when people start improving their lives, they want to be surrounded by other people doing the same thing.  This is where your social media comes in.  Social media creates a community of likeminded people around your specific niche topic – get them engaged!  Rather than just sharing information – ask them questions, start a discussion, encourage them to share their favorite resources, tips and stories.  The more active your social media becomes, the more people will come back to it for continued community – and the more likely people are to read and share your information in the future.

Slowly, over time, you build your reputation and expertise by sharing valuable information.

Much like writing blog posts or creating videos, sharing useful information on social media establishes you as an expert to your readers.  This doesn’t happen overnight, but slowly, over time, you earn credibility as the person who shares really relevant info, tips and resources that solve your clients’ problems!  Social media is a great way to let your potential clients get to know you before they buy any of your products and services.

Use social media to share your wins and successes with clients!  Social media provides social proof.

Social proof shortens the buying cycle.  If a potential client can see that you have helped people like her solve similar problems in the past, then she has more confidence in your products and services.  But why save this social proof for your sales page?  Share client testimonials, quotes and big successes on your social media.  It continues to build community, the client will probably be excited to be featured (ask them first!) and it establishes you as someone who can solve your clients’ problems.  

Curate the news!  Save your clients time and establish trust by sharing relevant news and resources.

Curation is huge.  We’re all way too busy and overloaded with information.  Especially in health and wellness, there is a huge amount of new information released every week – and much of it is conflicting and confusing.  You can provide a valuable service to your clients by curating the news – selecting those articles, resources and websites that are most relevant, and sharing them on your social media pages.  Again, sharing valuable information – even if you didn’t write it yourself – helps establish your credibility as an expert in your niche market.

How do you use social media in your wellness business?  Share some of your favorite tips below!

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