Be a Free Range Human with Marianne Cantwell {s06e02} 

“You want to be the person who is doing the thing, not the one that is talking about doing it!”, Marianne Cantwell

In today’s episode, Amanda hosts Marianne Cantwell, the author of the bestselling book Be a Free Range Human, and founder of Free Range Humans blog that developed into a worldwide movement. Marianne reveals what brings meaning to her work, how she structures it, and what is her main focus in business. Learn how to bring the uniqueness and weirdness to your brand, why you should keep testing yourself, and when you can expect the hugely reinvented edition of her book Be a Free Range Human.

In addition, Amanda has started a new online program, Find your Flow, the 6 days of bite-sized rituals, remedies, and actions to help you get more done with ease. This program will help you to enhance your focus and productivity. Feel free to check it out, sign up is free!

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – Amanda’s introduction and her new online program, Find your Flow
  • 3:11 – Why are you listening to the second version of this episode?
  • 4:54 – Who is Marianne Cantwell
  • 6:12 – Why you should bring your uniqueness and weirdness to your brand
  • 10:04 – The moment when Marianne had to bring the originality to the spotlight
  • 14:47 – Why is inconvenient to be authentic
  • 19:15 – Why Marianne wanted to be a girl behind the scene
  • 21:26 – Why you should keep testing yourself
  • 24:52 – How Cantwell is managing here business as a highly sensitive person
  • 27:59 – What it would be if you would work only on the things you love
  • 31:10 – How Marianne decides in which direction she will develop her business further
  • 35:25 – What is meaningful work for our guest
  • 37:13 – Marianne’s advice to all wellpreneurs newbies
  • 39:06 – All you need to know about the 2nd edition of the Marianne’s book and how to get in touch with her

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