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“You have one life to live and spending time on social media is one of the worst ways you can use your time for success.”, Dr. Josh Axe

This Monday, Amanda is joined with Dr. Josh Axe, a chiropractor who started developing his online business with the paper newsletter that turned out into a natural health website draxe.com. His brand has over 70 million online visitors per month and counts an incredible team of 150 employees, offering both written content and physical products. He talks about his business journey, how he developed his traffic, and gathered a team. Tune in and find out his insights on running online business in the past when he was starting and today, what is Biblical and Chinese medicine, how we can connect with ancestors, and why social media can be the biggest threat to your personal and business development.

Besides, find out about new discounts at Wellpreneur and what can you expect from them!

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – Amanda’s introduction of Dr. Josh Axe and what’s new at Wellpreneur
  • 1:45 – Check the discounted price for Alchemy and Action program and what can you expect from the program
  • 8:24 – What you will hear in this episode
  • 9:50 – Sharing is carrying
  • 11:01 – How Josh describes what he does
  • 12:01 – Dr. Axe’s business journey, from beginnings to present
  • 19:50 – What was the main idea of Josh’s business when he was starting
  • 22:42 – When he started developing the retail part of his business
  • 23:52 – The importance of team and Josh’s first hire
  • 27:02 – Three characteristics that are crucial for Josh when he is hiring freelancers
  • 29:35 – Trending topics in the wellness
  • 30:57 – What Biblical medicine is
  • 33:00 – What if we would do the same practices regarding food, medicine, and tradition as our ancestors
  • 38:36 – 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine and where you can find it online
  • 39:38 – How Dr. Axe is related to work and how he keeps his balance
  • 44:00 – How our guest treats social media
  • 50:30 – Josh’s advice for newbies starting in the wellness industry
  • 54:20 – Where you can find more about Dr. Josh Axe and his work

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