Genetic Testing with Benita Perch ND {e144} 

This week I’m speaking with Dr. Benita Perch about using genetic testing for health. I’ve been really interested in DNA analysis after doing the Ancestry.com test for genealogy purposes. So in this episode we talk about the various ways genetic testing can be used in holistic health, especially to understand your predispositions so you can nourish and support your body accordingly! If you want to find out what methylation is and how genes are being used to determine inflammation levels – stick with us! Dr. Perch describes that lot of people do have autoimmune conditions that would push their body towards inflammation point, so depending on their DNA results and more importantly person’s current lifestyle an expert can help determine proper ways to detox and balance their health. We also touch on personal routine and self-care and how Dr. Perch stays healthy with her busy schedule (as a health expert and a mom of two little boys). Have your notebooks ready as we are scratching onto the scientific surface of DNA analysis and it’s application in nutrition and wellness coaching in general.

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