{e31} Maximize your corporate job (while growing your own biz) with Lawrence Mitchell 

Would you like to combine growing your wellness business with your day job?

Lawrence Mitchell is a health coach and full-time marketing executive, and he loves his corporate job. Lawrence was quietly building his business, Raw Energy, on the side until he found a way to merge and leverage these two parts of his experience. Now Lawrence runs corporate wellness programs within his day job, in addition to working with private clients and growing his own online wellness business.

In this interview, Lawrence shares how he built his wellness business, how he’s able to manage everything with limited time, successfully creating a wellness program at his company, and strategies for making a wellness program compelling to the corporate market.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Strategies for presenting a wellness program to your company in a compelling way
  • How and when to reveal your part-time wellness business at your corporate job
  • How to merge and leverage your “double life”
  • How to delegate tasks so you can build a business while keeping your busy day job
  • Resources that will help you keep organized and manage your side business

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