Using data to market your Wellness Business with John Ainsworth {s03e10} 

Wellpreneur: Using data to market your Wellness Business with John Ainsworth

Today I’m speaking with data driven marketer John Ainsworth, so be ready to dive into some really fun and geeky marketing stuff with us. And don’t worry if you are just starting out, because we’re sharing some beginners tips, but if you are more advanced you are definitely going to get some actionable advice and ideas on how to improve your sales funnel. John and I first crossed paths to talk about one of his businesses called Make Sports Fun, a company in the UK that encourages inactive people to get active and engaged in sports, and I was so intrigued about that whole idea and really wanted to talk to him about it. Because it seams like a really big challenge trying to get people motivated like that, because from years of marketing experience we always start by trying to find audience that want’s to have what we’re offering and approach people that are already looking for a solution to their problem and you offer it to them. And you’ll be interested to know that as it turns out there are ways of approaching people that are not yet interested in your services, so John shares a lot of interesting strategies that you can apply in your own business because we all come up against objections, fears, and concerns people have which is why this different take on marketing is really applicable to all of us. The other thing we really dig into is metrics and using numbers in your business. I know a lot of us shy away from this and John shares today the exact data you can look for in your business and shares benchmarks he’s been seeing in good open rates and click rates in your emails, and tells us what we should be looking for in conversion on our landing pages. He also gives some simple and effective tips to build in so you can stop loosing people in your funnel, super easy to set up even if you are just starting out.

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