How to save 40 hours a month in your Wellness Business {s03e09} 

This week we’re talking about the effective use of your time and how you can save 40h a month in your business. My today’s guest is Abigail Hopkins, founder of That Clean Life meal planning app which in itself is a service that helps nutritionists and health coaches save time when doing meal plans for their clients. So we’re going to go through many different strategies of how you can save time in your wellness business, and not just in meal planning, but in many aspects of health coaching business. Because, and this is from my own experience, when starting out I spent most of my time working and producing content, but I wasn’t really making an impact that I wanted to in the bottom line. So the major shift for me was doubling down on what works instead of trying to do everything. We also touch on how to really ask for and receive help in your business, and as many of you are looking for good time management tips you’ll really enjoy listening this advice rich conversation I had with Abigail.

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