{e156} Website Crashes and Community with Sistermixin’ (part 2) 

In the second part of Sistermixin’ interview series Tracey and Jo talk about building a community. We continue our last week’s talk where we left off – at audience engagement trough webinars, emails, and Facebook Live because the engagement is something that drives the most traffic to their website and builds their revenue. They also share how they coped with a technical incident that resulted in loosing ALL of the data from their website, including an ongoing e-course! But this rather painful experience actually skyrocketed their community. The amount of support they received from their community helped them realize that their audience is not just the numbers, it’s the people who got to know you trough your business, who like you, trust you and want to help you! If you have missed Part 1 of this series you can catch up here, otherwise join in our continued conversation!

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