Start Your Wellness Business {s07e12} 

After running a survey of the Wellpreneur community, Amanda received a lot of feedback from her audience asking here to share resources and tools for starting a wellness business from a scratch. Therefore, she decided to dedicate this episode to all the beginners that are taking the first steps of their entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, she made a free 9-page checklist so you know exactly what to do first, where to focus, and in what order!

Stay tuned as you will find out how you can get the 9-page checklist, what are the 7 stages of starting a business (& how to get clear on them), how to set a business structure, how to test your first offer, and ultimately how to bring your business into life!

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – To whom this episode is dedicated
  • 1:09 – How you can get a free 9-page checklist that will help you to start your wellness business
  • 2:15 – Amanda’s recent survey of Wellpreneur community and conclusions
  • 3:51 – A big misconception about starting your own business
  • 6:31 – The first stage of starting a wellness business
  • 9:10 – Who do you want to help and how?
  • 12:11 – How to set a business structure
  • 15:03 – How to test your first offer and a handy tool that can help you with it
  • 19:37 – What if you fail on the test?
  • 21:18 – The final step – Bringing your business into life!
  • 22:34 – What can you expect from Amanda once you download the 9-page checklist
  • 23:42 – Share your comments on today’s episode in our Wellprener Community FB group!

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