PR for Wellness Business with Janet Murray {e165} 

Would you like to get media coverage for your wellness business (who wouldn’t?) – but you’re not sure how to get started? PR expert and consultant Janet Murray is in the studio this week, sharing tons of valuable tips on how to pitch yourself to journalists and editors. This is a great way to reach new audience and build authority, not to mention your press page would definitely look amazing! So today we talk specifically about PR for Wellness Business, and being that Janet has been on both sides of PR: as a journalist and business owner, she has tons of valuable advice. She shares about how to identify the right publications, what kinds of stories to pitch, how to connect with the right journalists, and then the key steps to crafting a pitch that gets read. Get ready to play a bigger game, and get some media coverage for all the amazing things that you do!

As always, this week I’m sharing a new awesome tool for your business: password management tool called LastPass. Because we use so many platforms for our businesses we often end up having one password we slightly change for different accounts. Which is not safe at all! Plus, sometimes you are sharing your access with your assistants, or developers that you don’t work with on permanent basis. LastPass is allowing you to generate safe passwords, store them safely and share access with other people without letting them know what your password really is, and restricting that access when they complete the tasks. How cool is that?

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