Men in Wellness: Online Crossfit Coach Ben Dziwulski {e166} 

I feel like wellness outside of the fitness space tends to be so women focused, which is why I’m always happy when doing Men in Wellness Series. When I was at a conference in Bangkok I met Ben Dziwulski and I knew right away I had to have him on the show. Ben is a crossfitter who owns online crossfit training business and he’s done some amazing things with growing his audience using video, so we talk a lot about video strategy, content schedule and what tasks he outsourced first. Of course, we won’t skip his personal story and how his business evolved over time. From being reluctant to the idea of becoming just another online coach when there’s already so many of them and wanting to so things differently, he shares that how after one successful launch he didn’t know what would be the next step and took a break to see what he could really do with his business. Ben also shares a few different books and resources that he really likes.

I also have some amazing news this week: Marie Forleo has released her training video as a part of the B-School launch! This online Marketing Training Program happens only once a year and it’s pretty epic – I’ve been through it! Her training videos are FREE and pretty great. I really recommend you check them!

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