Creating a niche: From pro athlete to media career with Margaret Schlachter {s02e05} 

Wellpreneur: Creating a niche From pro athlete to media career with Margaret Schlachter

Among all amazing people I have interviewed in 200 episodes of Wellpreneur so far, from time to time there’s one of them that stands out. One of those eyeopening and also fun interviews, and today’s show is definitely one of them! My guest today is Margaret Schlachter and I absolutely adored talking to her. Margaret is the first female professional obstacle racer, which is really a tough mother of races, and she now has a media career in that industry. She’s actually been blogging since 2011, so today we’re not just going to be talking about her career in obstacle racing and how she’s adapted over time as her body was changing, but also about her deep understanding of online world. With this knowledge and her love for racing sports she carved her own niche (yes, creating a niche is possible!) with the company she started running first as a blog with this awesome name ‘Dirt in Your Skirt’, that has now grown to podcast + amazing community dedicated to empowering women excel in obstacle racing and endurance running. We also touch on topics of successful online promotion and the effective use of social media, what kind of content gets most traction and more!

And don’t miss the intro to hear about my adventure of the lifetime update + my weekly tool tip! My tool recommendation for you this week is something that I’ve never talked about before, which is backing up your computer. Whether you use PC or laptop for your work, the machine you work on all the time needs to have a backup. To save myself from headache of doing things manually, I started using a service called Backblaze which works the same on PC and Mac – you install it and it keeps backing up your data to the cloud – for just $5/mo.

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