What Top Coaches Do Differently with Julie Parker {e157} 

Do you ever wonder what separates the most effective coaches from the rest? As a coach, you want to help your clients achieve meaningful transformation in their lives – so you can get referrals and recommendations. After all, we do this work to help people, so we really want to make a difference with our coaching, not just be a so-so average coach!

This week’s guest on the podcast speaks with us about what separates the best coaches from the rest. Julie Parker, based in Australia, is the creator of Inspired Coach Magazine and the founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy. In this interview, we talk about the coaching industry and what the top health & wellness coaches do differently. From the habits and behaviors of successful wellness coaches that get them great results (and clients) all the way to effective selling, Julie shares with us key mindset shifts that differentiate successful wellness coaches from the rest.

In this episode I also talk about email marketing to grow your business, and the tool I recommend. I’ve used both Aweber and Mailchimp, and several years ago switched to ConvertKit and am incredibly happy with them. I also have partnered with ConvertKit to offer a special bonus for wellness entrepreneurs (link below.)

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