Personal Branding for Wellness Entrepreneurs with Erica Blair {e158} 

This week we’re talking about personal branding with Erica Blair.

Erica is a Brand Strategist specialized in helping skilled professionals plan out how to set up foundation and launch their own independent brands so they can successfully market their business.

She is here to share that creating a brand for your health and wellness business can be a lot simpler than it seems, as we naturally tend to really over-complicate things.

In this conversation, we are going to cover what it means to create a personal brand, how to decide if you want to create a brand around yourself or your business name, and how you can emphasize some really unique qualities in yourself that you might be a little nervous to put out there.

As Erica explains, shifting those qualities to the core of your brand rather than downplaying them may be the key component to connecting to your ideal clients.

Having a brand for your business means having the key elements to be recognized by not just your words, but also the feelings you want to invoke when people hear them, and through those feelings, you connect with your audience and make them really aware of what your business is.

I also have a weekly email marketing tip for you that will help you introduce the different elements of your brand to your audience, so tune in to hear what it is and how to apply it in your business.

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