{e65} The Myth of Quitting Your Day Job 

“When I quit my day job, I’ll be so much less stressed!”

“I can’t wait till I’m doing my business full time – I’ll get so much done!”

“My job makes me miserable! When I quit I’ll be so much happier!”

Have you ever said any of these? I used to. While I was working in my corporate job and doing my business on the side, I was completely focused on that one single moment when I could finally quit my day job, and do my own business full-time.  It seemed like my day job was just getting in the way of my success.  If only I could quit, then I’d be less stressed, happier, get so much done and have total freedom!”

But while leaving my day job was a huge moment for me and a major achievement – in retrospect – the grass wasn’t quite as green as I’d been hoping.

Following on from all the beta program interviews I did with people in the wellpreneur community, I heard the ‘when I quit my day job’ comment come up over and over again.  In this episode I’ll break down 4 common misconceptions about quitting your day job – and the realities of being a solopreneur!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why keeping your day job might actually be the key to less stress
  • The four common misconceptions about quitting your day job
  • Why having unlimited time in the day doesn’t always make you more productive

And I’d love to hear from YOU – what has your experience been with leaving your day job (or planning to?)?  Leave an audio comment by clicking the black rectangle on the right side of the screen (from computers only) and record your message – I’ll share some of them in the next episode!

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