Health Lab Founder Jess Thomas on Selling Physical Wellness Products {e186} 

This week I have the amazing Jess Thomas on the podcast. Jess is the Founder of Health Lab, which is a 7-figure business, which produces 100% natural beauty and wellness snacks for women, based in Australia. It’s really great to talk to someone who runs a product-oriented business as we usually speak with service-based wellness providers. I think you’ll enjoy the full story from someone who runs a physical product-centered business all the way from funding (she sold her car for $5000 she invested in her business), how she works with her husband and what that looks like, and how she doesn’t really believe in the work-life balance and that instead we should work on the idea of integration. So if you ever thought about adding a product or launching a product-based business, you’ll find this interview especially insightful. Now I teased you last week about something new  I’ve been working on and I’m finally ready to tell you more about it! You already know that a couple of years ago I released my book Wellpreneur, which teaches you how to bring more right people to your website and turn them into paying clients. It’s an online marketing system for the wellness industry that’s been a huge success and still sells on Amazon constantly bringing new members to our community. But there’s something else that happens at this time of the year that became a certain tradition for the past couple of years and that’s creating an actionable plan of what are we going to work on in the coming year. And so far I have talked about this in a few podcasts and created a downloadable PDF planner you can download and use, but from speaking with some of my friends and clients and hearing your thoughts I thought that it’d be cool to create an actual physical planner you could use to plan out your entire year of wellness business. And so I did just that! It’s called The Wellpreneur Planner and the launch is happening on Black Friday Nov 23rd 2018, and it will be available on Amazon. If you want to stay up to date about it, make sure to get on my email list and join our Facebook community. So speaking about physical product based business today I thought it would be a perfect time to give you some more input on my new physical product that can help your business 🙂

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