How to sell more in your wellness business with Matthew Kimberley {e162} 

This week we’re talking about sales in your wellness business!

Selling. Love it or hate it, sale is an essential part of growing your business if you really want to run it as a business and not as a hobby. Your business simply cannot be sustainable if you are offering free information all the time, so ultimately you’ll want people to start buying from you.

So this week we’re bringing back one of our most popular interviews of all times – interview with sales expert Matthew Kimberley. Matthew is here to help us make sales a bit easier (and more successful!) and teach us how to make sales process less icky.

If you haven’t listened to this episode, you are in for a treat because Mathew’s approach to sales is really refreshing, and his humor is just contagious! A lot of you have enjoyed this episode not just because of the amazing sales advice he offered, but also because of his amazing personality! If you have already listened to this episode, it had to have been over a year ago! There’s always room for brushing up our sales skills so I really recommend re-listening to this one!

As always, this week I want to share another one of my favorite tools that I personally use for running my own business, which is email marketing tool called ConvertKit. If you are running an online business email needs to be an essential part of your marketing strategy, because let’s face it: as much as social media can be great, you really are at the mercy of that social media platform whether or not people actually see your updates. With email you are completely in control, and in the end – it’s the best to build a successful sales funnel. So today I’ll be sharing a bit about this amazing visual sales funnel feature ConvertKit has, that can really make your sales process so much easier.

Also, in case you missed my great announcement last week: my husband and I are gearing up for a massive trip! We’re going from Hong Kong to London by TRAIN! It’s going to take us 10 weeks, so if you want to follow our epic adventure you can do that via our blog AndOurOtherAdventures.com and Instagram.

All this and so much more in today’s episode! Ready to jump into this super juicy topic of sales? Let’s learn earn how to sell, feel good about selling, and how to sell more this year.

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