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Wellpreneur: Real Wellpreneur Ceri Jones

My guest this week is natural food chef Ceri Jones. Ceri had a bit of an unconventional career path, starting with a music career that transitioned over time, so I really think you’ll enjoy hearing her story. Now before we dive into this amazing interview – I have a little teaser for you on what’s happening at Wellpreneur. I’ll be able to talk more about this in the next couple of weeks of course, but for now let’s just say that I’m preparing something really cool that’ll soon be available on Amazon, so stay tuned! Another thing that I wanted to bring up is that I made some changes in my approach to email newsletters, you probably noticed the change in the title but something bigger that I did is that I actually combined my 2 different lists: my personal brand and Wellpreneur, so stay through today’s episode intro to hear more about the reasons why I did that and what changed and we can discuss email strategies more in the Facebook Community Facebook group. Now if you are a personal chef or a nutritionist you’ll really want to hear my today’s chat with Ceri and how she made a major shift in her career, started and grown her blog over the years and how her business evolved. We’re also discussing creating multiple income streams, how to run retreats as a chef, whether creating an app for your business makes sense + so much more!

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