Catherine Edsell, Expedition Leader and a Mom {s05e09} 

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“I wanted to go out and change the world, but I couldn’t find a babysitter”. This week I’m talking with Catherine Edsell, expedition leader and yoga teacher. Catherine spent her life leading scuba diving and trekking adventures and all sorts of crazy experiences around the world. She gave up running expeditions when she had her two children, and realized she felt like she’d lost part of herself, so she decided to find a way to do expeditions again. I think you’ll really like hearing about her experience and how she managed to find a way back to running her business even with having young children. We talk about Catherine’s business and how it’s evolved as her children get older, her TedXLondon talk (her first real public speaking event!), how she finds balance as a wellpreneur and her women’s only expeditions to Namibia tracking desert elephants.

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