Overcoming Fear with Pregnancy Chiropractor Kamilla Holst {e175} 

Wellpreneur Podcast: Overcoming Fear with Kamilla Holst

Today I’m speaking with an inspiring wellpreneur and one of my good friends here in Hong Kong, Dr Kamilla Holst. Kamilla is a chiropractor specializing in care of mothers and babies, but in today’s conversation we’re exploring one of her other interests, which is overcoming fear. And not just her own fears in her business, but particularly helping her clients and friends face the fears they have in their life and overcome them. We also talk about the book she recently released where she shared her own experience in facing fears, but Kamilla also shares the system and process that you can use in your life and the small steps to take to face your own fears, because fears are often what’s often holding us back from having the life we really dream of. We also touch on daily routines and what keeps her in balance, social media and email management, how to get great referrals, book publishing + more!

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