Best WordPress Health Coach Websites 2024 

When you’re thinking about creating your own health coaching website, it can be helpful to see other sites for inspiration.

The trick is to be inspired by these sites, and not copy them!

To be a successful health coach online, you’ve got to have a unique voice and message – and copying someone else’s site (besides being bad karma), is not a good way to get clients!

But it is helpful to look at the sites of successful health coaches to see what is working, and what kind of look and feel you’d like for your own health coach website.

So, here is my personal list of the best WordPress health coach websites, updated for 2024.

It’s not scientific or comprehensive, but these are some of my personal favorites.

Best WordPress Health Coach Websites 2024

Alexandra Jamieson

Love her use of a quiz as an email list opt-in. She also has clear + simple navigation, which is a winner!

Melissa Ambrosini

Love starting with an engaging question: “Are you living your dream life right now?” – immediately the reader answers in her head without thinking about it; it is a great way to get the new visitor engaged with your content (and hopefully on your email list!)

Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart

Here’s an example of a health coach who focuses on group online programs, and shows them off so well on this site. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and obvious what she’s selling! (You’d be surprised at how many coaches “hide” how to work with them — not the best plan for finding clients!)

Madeleine Shaw

This site oozes inspiration and aspiration – we just want to eat like this every day! Photography can really make or break your site, and Madeline’s are definitely making it.

Ciara Foy

This is a clean and feminine site. Personally, I love the big opt-in and the social proof logos, as well as the popular Facebook page. Ciara is an authority and her site lets you know it!

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Andrea Beaman

This site exudes health + wellness with all the green colors and images! It’s also very easy to see how to work with her – coaching, programs, or books.

Katie Dalebout

Katie’s site really shows off her personality. This coaching website has a very clean design with easy to read web fonts.

JJ Virgin

JJ’s site has quite a lot going on (obviously! Because she has a lot of different offerings, books, courses, etc.), but a real strength of her site is the ‘social proof’ – or all the success stories and testimonials. Adding even a few of these really increases the credibility of your work to potential clients.

Claire Obeid

Claire refers to her services as the “Wellness Project” and offers a weekly newsletter along with a free eBook. Her site features a great balance of red and yellow – two primary colors, and purple and green – two secondary colors. She is a holistic health coach, and her site is very reminiscent of springtime.

Elissa Goodman

As soon as you hop onto Elissa’s website, you are greeted with a popup that is advertising her 7-Day Reset Cleanse. She also utilizes her About Me section on the website to discuss health issues she has previously overcome.

Amanda Cook

I couldn’t cover the best health coaching websites without including my own, could I? My site was designed to create a sense of calm and simplicity while sharing useful information and recipes. In particular, I’m extremely selective about the photos I use, and the emotion they convey, to emphasize my brand.

While I realize not everyone is a photographer, it’s so important to have a consistent ‘voice’ in your photos, whether that’s square ‘Instagram’ type snaps or more elaborate photos. Using a consistent size for the photos on your site will really make your site look more cohesive and visually appealing!

Overall, the best health coach websites are built on WordPress themes that are clear and simple, with lots of space and easy navigation, and of course, are mobile-responsive.

And photography makes such a huge difference in the quality of your site. If you want to learn more about up-leveling your branding and getting great photos, check out this podcast episode with brand strategist Phil Pallen, and this episode with photographer J. Nichole Smith.

6 Steps to Start Your Wellness Business Online

(including the exact tools I use!)

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Building Your Own WordPress Health Coach Website

Now that you have seen a great listing of a few awesome health coach websites that are going strong into 2022 and that are beautifully designed, let’s talk a little about your own health coach website.

When creating your own WordPress site, you want to make sure that it is easily accessible to both new and existing clients while also building your credibility in the health and wellness industry. A good WordPress site will help you develop your health coaching brand and advertise your coaching programs and consulting services.

Domain Name

This is the first step you need to take when starting your website. The domain name is unique to your business and can’t be shared between multiple sites. Consider the name of your health coaching business when you work to find the best domain name for your website.

Personalized Business Email Address

Now you should have your own personalized business email address going as well. It looks more professional, and you won’t have to have Gmail at the end of it. To do this, you can use G Suite. Google offers this user-friendly email account that gives you a business address. It is easy to use and quick to set up.

Website Builders

WordPress is one of the more widely used website builders available. Over 25 percent of all websites are actually created using WordPress. It is highly customizable and allows you to create more of a personal style for your health coaching website.

WordPress offers a basic website option that is free, or you can choose to upgrade to the paid option, which allows you to take advantage of so many more features, including your own custom domain name and more premium theme options.

Website Template Designs

When selecting your template, always choose appropriate features and a layout and blog layout that best fits your needs. Since it is for a health coaching website, you want to consider choosing a health-based template design in order to better appeal to your target audience. You should also include social media buttons and other widgets as well to make everything easily shareable.

Content Generation

Now you are ready to begin generating content for your new personal health coaching website. Take a look at the several websites we have listed above. You will see how they have used content to grow their site.

Include attractive images, a clean and modern design, post regularly, and find new and fun ways to attract clients to your health coaching business. Again, make sure to add social media buttons.

You should also include testimonials and a form to better contact you. A SEO-optimized site will do better in the search engine, so keep this in mind as you generate content for your WordPress Site.

Now I want to hear from you: What do YOU think makes a great health coach website? Let us know in the comments!

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