{e50} Do Your Photos Help or Hurt Your Brand? With J Nichole Smith 

Having professionally shot photos and images on your website can really help your marketing efforts – it gives your business credibility, personality, and allows you to emotionally connect with your customers. It’s worth the investment, but many new Wellpreneurs have a lot of questions: How do I choose a photographer? How do I prepare for the shoot? What do I really need these photos for?

J. Nichole Smith is the perfect guest to give us these answers, because not only is she a talented London-based photographer, she’s also a digital marketer and graphic designer. In our discussion, Nichole explains all about the role of photography in digital marketing and professional shots help us build our brand online. She also gives really great tips for choosing a photographer, and how to make the most of your photo shoot investment.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to choose a photographer
  • What you need to do to prepare for your photo shoot so you’ll get the best photos possible
  • Why professional photography is important and how to use it to build your personal brand
  • Advice for your website and how to use images to emotionally connect to your audience
  • How to use your pro photos to promote your business in the digital world

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