Money Mindset for Wellness Entrepreneurs with Denise Duffield-Thomas {e155} 

Could your mindset about money be holding you back in building your wellness business?

It’s so easy to think that something ‘out there’ is preventing you from reaching your income goals. But the reality is, as entrepreneurs, we are responsible for our business results – and many of those results might be limited because of your beliefs about money! Coach and motivational Denise Duffield-Thomas joins us for this weeks interview (which you can listen to above). Denise is the founder of Lucky Bitch, where she helps exceptional women create outrageous success in their life + business. And through her work, she has noticed three pervasive limiting money beliefs among wellness entrepreneurs.

3 Limiting Beliefs about Money that keep Wellness Entrepreneurs Broke

There are 3 limiting beliefs about money that are especially prevalent among health and wellness entrepreneurs. And they’re not serving you (or the world!) at all – do you have any of these?

Limiting Money Belief 1: “I’ll never make money from this kind of work.”

This belief is especially prevalent in certain health and wellness circles. You’ve probably stumbled into a group where the overall vibe is “If you choose to do this work, you’re going to be broke”, “it’s so difficult to find clients”, “People just aren’t prepared to pay a lot for this kind of work” – have you ever heard those in a discussion about wellness businesses? I have, and I’m sure you have too!

If you want to shift this money belief, you need to get yourself out of the negative group, and into a group of positive wellpreneurs who are making real progress in their business and lives. Start actively looking for examples of wellpreneurs who ARE making that business work. If it’s going to be possible for you, you need to believe that it’s possible.

Limiting Money Belief 2: “I shouldn’t make money from this kind of work.”

This money belief is all about guilt. Because we’re helping people through health and wellness, many wellpreneurs feel guilty for charging for this help. It’s a belief that it’s not right to charge for your products and services, if they’re helping someone. But this is complete rubbish, because aren’t all products and services helping people to achieve something that they want?! It seems to be only in the health and wellness field that we feel guilty for charging for our skills and experience.

You’ve invested in yourself to learn the skills you need to be a wellpreneur – and just like any other professional, it’s fair that you charge for your expertise.

Limiting Money Belief 3: “Shouldn’t everyone have free access to this health information?”

Here’s another quirky limiting belief in the wellness industry. That everyone deserves good health, and therefore, we should just give away all of this information for free, to help everyone.

Looking at it from a different perspective, Denise shares about her client who is a naturopath, who has increased her rates and started working with more engaged clients, and this has therefore given her more free time so she can create programs that are more widely accessible. If you charge low rates for your 1:1 work, you’ll just burn yourself out and likely not stay in the wellness industry for long. Instead, if you charge healthy prices, you’ll open up more free time that enables you to write books, create podcasts or blogs, and create lower priced programs that can help hundreds or thousands of people. You can help many people with your health and wellness knowledge – just not all through 1:1 services!

Here’s what you’ll learn about money mindset for wellpreneurs:

  • how mindset effects your success in business and life
  • the 3 most common money blocks for health + wellness entrepreneurs
  • what to do if clients can’t afford to work with you?
  • how Denise got started as a life coach, and the turning points in her business
  • how putting boundaries in place can increase your income
  • what to do about clients who contact you too much
  • and how upgrading your peer group will upgrade your success!

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