Focus and Time Management with Bree Argetsinger AKA Betty Rocker {e168} 

This week I have one of my favorite interviews in store for you: I’m talking with Bree Argetsinger also known as Betty Rocker. Bee is an amazing fitness expert and she actually started out by running small talks that eventually turned into huge fitness business. We touch on a lot of different topics like her morning routines, and going with the flow by using intuition in decision making, and Bree just had awesome time management tips and explains her time blocking strategy and having a ‘focus day’.  Finding focus and balance between work and private life is such a struggle for wellness entrepreneurs especially when starting out and not having resources to outsource tasks, so you’ll want to hear where our conversation goes on this, and also what are the first tasks you’ll want to delegate and how, and also how to and manage your team once you start growing it. I know you’ll enjoy hearing this great personal journey of growing a business form somebody that has built a really successful brand and a strong online presence.

Now this week I want to give a shout out instead of a tool recommendation to Health Coach Solutions and their founder Kathleen, who provide done for you health coaching programs that can be massive help, especially if you are just getting started. My two favorite programs are the 30 Day Jumpstart and a complete 6 month coaching program that you can use in different ways. You can check out all different programs and special coupon codes are available on our shop page.

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